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TVRealm: episode 3 x 21 + 22

If there will be no last and quick challenge of tvrealm, than this will be my last two entries for this amazing landcomm *sniff*. I had so much fun doing all of these different challenges. It inspired so much creativity. Let me know if you can suggest another landcomm for me.

Episode: Episode 3 x 21 - The Sorting Hat for the [info]tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Casting tv people as Lannisters, Hufflepuffs, Disney characters, superheroes, and oh so many more...

I took a lot of the Criminal Intent characters and two different sections:

7. Superheroes (any--X-Men, Marvel, DC, etc--I don't care)
8. Chess pieces (king, queen, rook, pawn, bishop, knight, pawn)

When thinking of Bobby Goren my first idea...
...Thor, what else???

But we all know, that Alex sometimes works with Batman:

Episode: Episode 3 x 22 - What People Think I Do for thetvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Take a tv character/personality and complete a "What People Think I Do" Chart

With the amazing caps of: http://luther-caps.tumblr.com/tagged/John-Luther
Tags: artwork, criminal intent, landcomm, luther
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