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My artwork in Kathryn's hands

Maybe you read over twitter about the big favor of Blanca for me. Here you see the result:

@havers_barbara Kate loved your letter and artwork! She sends her love and thanks.:) twitpic.com/8p4wcp via @TwitPic

I want to tell you a little more about the story that Kathryn Erbe was holding MY artwork in her hands ;o)

I started to write a letter to Kathryn during the whole CI filming last Spring. I don't know why I never finished it and sent it to Chelsea Piers???

But in January I knew I would get another chance (not going the long way round using the Gersh Agency) to contact Kathryn. Blanca tweeted or mentioned in her blog that she would visit Yosemite twice. I asked her if I could send her my letter and she would pass it to Kathryn after the performance. Blanca agreed immediately. I knew I had a little time until February 26th. I took the old letter and re-wrote it. I also printed the magazine cover and article (my masterpieces of the tvrealm landcomm) as little gift for Kathryn because I asked for an autograph in the letter and it would be awesome if Kathryn took a look on my work. I hope she smiled about the article.

Even when sending everything in early February, the letter only arrived sometimes last week. Woah, I was so frightened it wouldn't get there in time. But now I'm so happy. Kathryn got the letter and my gift and maybe she'll answer...

...we will see ;o)

Note: Rattlestick Playwright Theater extended Yosemite for another week. So take your chance to see the play this week before it's over. [Discount codes: $15 tickets for theater artists--code YTA, $10 tickets for students--code YSTU10] Here you also can watch the backstage interviews with the four actors and Daniel Talbott.

P.S. Here you can take a closer look at the magazine cover (when you ask yourself about the other headlines you only need to take a closer look at all my tvrealm entries of season one and two) and also the fake interview with Alex Eames.

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