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The Love Guide Theater Release

I found out, that Kathryn's movie 'The Love Guide' aka 'Sunny Side Up' will not only have premiere in Boston this month, no it's the official release of the film. Check Saint Aire's Twitter.
When you're in New York City you'll get the chance to celebrate the movie at the Energy Up! End of Year Party/"The Love Guide" NYC Premiere a few days earlier - June 13th. 

Christy Cashman is one of our newest board members that has GENEROUSLY dedicated her newest independent film The Love Guide staring Parker Posey NYC premier as an after party to supporting and celebrating the Energy Up Choose to be Sugar Free School movement. As you can see below, as well as being a producer, writer, and actor, Christy is a mother that is very concerned for the health and wellness of her family and society. The story lines in the film are in line with the Energy Up Principals -- using humor depicting serious subjects is a WONDERFUL way to get issues across. We are so Excited at the opportunity to invite our girls an supporters to a movie premier and meet the actors and production people to understand how a film gets made. This is the first board member-driven event and we will be doing others in the future. The AMAZING women that join the Energy Up board have many different outlets to share the importance of our mission. Thank You Christy from the bottom of our hearts for making this AMAZING evening possible.
6:00pm: Champagne Reception
7:00pm: Screening
8:30pm: After-Party
Energy Up G's have an opportunity to join this amazing event -- all you have to do is post about it on Facebook and tag Energy Up! 50 lucky winners will have an AMAZING evening filled with fun, friends, celebrities, gifts, and more~!
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