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Night Watch

I don't know what is going on with my writing mojo, but lately I had to kick it very hard to get just a few lines done. I loved to write for a new fandom and I know I promised another chapter for my first The Walking Dead fanfiction, Dark Meadow. I also have this bathing/showering - 2 chapter - story - idea, I finally started to write down. But here is a short drabble for all of you. Maybe that is the right way to find my way back to the writing.

Title: Night Watch

Character: Daryl Dixon

Prompt: Emotions

Word Count: 282

Rating: T (violence)

Beta: My wonderful friend Suzanne.

A/N: Pre season one - let's assume the Atlanta 'shopping' group stayed overnight.

Daryl unwrapped himself from the worn and scratchy blanket. It was time to get up for his watch. But he refused to jump in his boots at the moment, enjoying the peace of the empty tent a little longer. Merle was away in Atlanta with a few others of the survivors and the younger brother was enjoying the rare solitude. Technically Daryl hadn't taken a nap before watch but tomorrow he planned a longer hunt and wanted to be rested before entering the woods.

With crossbow shouldered, Daryl walked between the tents. He had informed Jim, the other guard of the night that he would control the south side of the camp. As he passed the dimly lit tent of this flabby goof-off and his bony wife Daryl smirked. He remembered the woman cooked a damn good squirrel stew a few days ago and he could still smell the laundry detergent clinging to his cleaned clothes.

Daryl wondered how this jerk could trap a woman like her, as the unmistakeable sound of a hand slapping a face sounded the night. It was followed by a dull punch and groan; pit of the stomach he assumed. Great, make no visible bruises. Clenching his fist, Daryl moved on. He wanted to storm the tent but he couldn't. Inside was the last privacy each of them had and he wasn't part of that marriage.

Daryl knew too well how it felt to be beaten to the ground. But he nearly vomited as soft sobs hit his ear. The little girl. To be so close to 'dad beating mom - can't step in' was much worse than standing the physical pain. Daryl had also experienced this.

Tags: drabble, fanfiction, the walking dead
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