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Chained at Fantasy FilmFest

After Oldenburg, Harlem and Wrozlaw, Fantasy FilmFest was my 4th film festival experience (and the most unorganized) but at least we could take the subway to the theater.

I told you about the ticket organization and my two hours in the line. Also the cinema hall entering was a bit crowded. But we had a good starting position and snagged great seats. I assume the slight chaos was a result of only two halls were booked for the festival and all other cinemas of the multiplex played regular movies.

After the lights switched off they showed three or four trailer I wasn’t interested at all but jippy, no advertisement. Then the lights got up again and we were welcomed by a guy who introduced Jennifer Lynch. She greeted the audience and both said they were happy to show the uncut Chained version. I was really happy to hear this after all the NC-17 rating problems in the US.

For the last days I quarreled myself how much I should say about the movie. I didn’t want to spoil but I also want to talk about the content.

It is right, Chained concentrated on Bob and Rabbit. All the different killed women step behind. You don’t get to know them and one was so annoying that I was really happy that she gets killed. Even Julia Ormond is only one of them and you don’t feel any CI chemistry between Vincent and her.

…Bob, he is different than any other of his characters. Even his voice is different and he has a slight lisp. I need to confess, I wanted his death. Okay, there is a slight flashback, explaining how he had gotten what he was, but seeing Rabbit, you know there are different ways.

The location is also great. Bob's house in the middle of nowhere and not at all comfortable. There is also no slight changing over all the years.

I really liked how Rabbit honored the death with an item on their graves. Unbelievable how much space there must be under the house, but they only showed the same spot with every new victim.

There was a moment, where I thought now Bob got Rabbit. I was so relieved that he didn’t.

To get an extra view on the scenery through the cute Teddy Bear spy cams had been a nice addition. But I asked me how Bob watched his videos? He only had this very old tv.

I read that people didn’t like the second end. Of course the first is amazing with the perfect piece of grave furniture. But to see Jake Weber again also in such an ugly bathrobe…perfect, gave the whole movie a twist. His wife was the only woman with a personality.

The credits were also something you didn’t see or better hear often.

The first question Jennifer answered was about the NC-17/R Rating and how she lost all of her money in the cut and edition room to delete the one splatter scene. Then she explained the second end. That was really interesting. Because she got this scripted of a serial killer slaughtering many women and training a child to a monster to a study about two different characters and their influencing. The second end was a part of this first script and a compromise for the producers. But I need to confess I really liked this twist. Jennifer also said how she hired the two Rabbits (Eamon Farren via Skype) and that she hid Evan Bird from the really gross stuff. But he needed once a screaming woman in the background to play a scene better and an assistant did the job. Jennifer is very thankful for her whole team. Everyone works very hard and they could make the movie for only $700 000.
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