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Daryl 'Odysseus' Dixon...

...or the long way to get my own Action Daryl.

Back in mid August I finally won an Action Daryl figure at ebay. I was so happy to get my own Daryl. He'll be part of my Norman gift I plan for FACTS.

I waited and waited. Everyday I was so excited to come home from work to see the package which would come from Austria. My frustration grew - four weeks passed by and no Daryl. Last Wednesday I finally contacted the seller. He was very nice and offered his help. The package should be in Berlin since 8/23 (three weeks ago) - see Austrian Post.
My panic increased because I had problems ordering the season one TWD DVD box. The seller made a search order and we got the information the package should be passed to the address next our house to a shop called Ost Point (we never got a note where we should pick up the package). The address next to us don't exist. We're the last building in the street. There is only an old gas station at the corner which was a coal court and is now a beer garden.

Thankfully yesterday we met our package post man on the street. We explained our situation and he suggested to check the Post Point inside a optician at Schönhauser Allee (five minutes away). This man will get a big Christmas tip because I finally have my Daryl with me. I'm so relieved.

On the other side there is this cool Cheap Trick shirt of Norman I really like. I saw fans making a Norman Reedus or Daryl Dixon version. But I wanted something not that obvious. So I downloaded a new font (close to the cheap trick one) and created a shirt using six of Norman's characters. I really like the result and can't wait to wear the shirt on Monday (and during FACTS).

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