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New Movie: Blood from a Stoner

See what Nantz discovered on twitter a few days ago:

Exciting news during a time of many exciting Kathryn news ;o)
I went on a little google search if there are any information about this new movie and found a short article.

Set in Greenwich Village, the short film BLOOD FROM A STONER is the story of a fraught lunch between a grown woman and her aging, pot-smoking, difficult father and the waiter who brings a welcome dose of civility to the proceedings. Its sensibility is both comic and sad as it involves the main characters’ coming to terms with the wreckage of the past, letting go of familial expectations and accepting what is.
BLOOD FROM A STONER was produced Off Broadway in the prestigious Ensemble Studio Theatre's Marathon of one-act plays. Here's what people have said:
"Jeanne Dorsey's BLOOD FROM A STONER is a sensitive and exciting play. It makes the basis for a very fine film."
- Romulus Linney, Obie Award Winning Playwright (RIP)
"BLOOD FROM A STONER depicts the fraught but deep connection that exists between parents and their grown children. It's hilarious, heartbreaking and exquisitely subtle. I look forward to the film version."
- Geoffrey Nauffts, Tony Nominated Playwright, Artistic Director of Naked Angels Theatre Company
"I love a script where the characters leap up off the page and have complicated relations with each other. How does that happen? It seems magical, but I know it isn't - it's talent and skill. That's how I feel about BLOOD FROM A STONER. It makes me worry, weep and cheer."
- Lois Smith, Tony Nominated Actress
So Blood from a Stoner will be a theater play adaption made by the same writer/director. I also read on a few pages that the maker try to raise money for the short film project since 2011. I'm glad they will start to shoot soon. I cross my fingers for more information and joining in all the known social networks.
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