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CHALLENGE: In the spirit of 'The Glee Project,' create and cast an all-new character for any television show, past or present.

Meet Devlin Dubois and Theresa Schneider my two new characters of The Walking Dead. I hadn't place myself in a TV show for years, but TWD really changed me a lot. So enjoy my Mary Sue. Plus Sean at The Walking Dead would be thrilling.

With thanks for my awesome Fourth Wall team for all the actress suggestions. In the end I decided for recycledinspace girl.

Sean Patrick Flanery is Devlin Dubois

Devlin Dubois , the self-proclaimed Vice President of Woodbury is the pain in the ass of the Governor. Devlin is a womanizer and the female survivors have to check beside walkers always if the man with the mustache is around ready for the next pat on the butt. The Texan guy is a good fighter. The black belt owner of several martial arts can eliminate three walkers with his bare hands before others can pull their guns.
But as Devlin starts to pass Action Figures of himself at the town the Governor has enough. He ambushes the Double D. But even as walker Devlin lives up to his name. He can prevent brain damage and strolls through the endless woods of Georgia. Will the other DD hunt him down?

Alexa Vega is Dr. Theresa Schneider

Theresa started her post doc time at the CDC only six months before the zombie break-out. There was no chance to go back to Europe. So the German engineer stayed at the underground laboratory working hard to keep up the power and water system. As she and Jenner ran out of fuel Theresa decided to go on a short tour to check the outside. She met the Vatos guys and they got along that Theresa and Jenner would get shelter.
On her way back to the CDC two men savaged Theresa. She can escape the rape but with the blood of her offenders on her she stumbled back into the underground, meeting on Rick's group of survivors.
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