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CHALLENGE: Complete 3, 6, or 9 squares of a trope-based multimedia bingo card generated specifically for you!

I fulfilled my Bingo Tropes Card of tvholics with Dallas, CSI: NY, The Walking Dead, New Girl and Glee.

Texture help of: zakurographics, trapne, chamberten and bttrfly_kiss.

I don't understand why a few of my gifs are so small and when turning them in the right size get very grainy. I hope you enjoy them nevertheless.

Bingo Card

Beth Green - The Walking Dead: The Chick

Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead: Combat Medic

Title: Wounds
Prompt: Combat Medic
Flavor: The Walking Dead
Characters: Carol Peletier + Daryl Dixon
Rating: K+
Word Count: 158
A/N 1: Takes place between season 2 + 3.
A/N 2: With beta help of severina2001.

"You're sure?" Daryl asked, and Carol noted a soft tremble in his voice.

"I can't strip it like the head cut." She re-checked the bandage on the hunter's forehead before she prepared the suture needle and material. "Hershel showed me several times how to suture wounds and I practiced every free minute the last few months."

"On dead bodies," Daryl growled.

"Don't be a baby," Carol rolled her eyes and sighed. She was glad that the medical practice was well equipped with surgical material and drugs. The only silver lining on this disastrous supply run of her, Daryl, Glen and T-Dog. The Walkers were one thing, but they hadn't expected that two teens could hijack them. They had stolen their car with all the collected supplies inside and Daryl had contracted two deep cuts during the attempt to stop them.

The anesthesia worked. Daryl didn't flinch as Carol lanced the needle in his arm to close the wound.

Noah Puckerman - Glee: Brick Joke

Brick Joke 2
gif made by nomatterifyoureblackorwhite @ tumblr

Brick Joke

Stella Bonasera - CSI: NY: Mama Bear

Mama Bear

The Walking Dead: Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate

Bobby Ewing - Dallas: Back from the Dead

Back from the Dead

Schmidt - New Girl: Funny Moments

Funny Moment

Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead: Not a Zombie

Not a Zombie

Nick Miller - New Girl: Butt Monkey

Butt Monkey 1 Butt Monkey 2

P.S. Do you also have problems with uploading at IMGUR.com?
Tags: animation, artwork, csi:ny, drabble, fanfiction, glee, header/banner, icons, landcomm, new girl, norman reedus, the walking dead
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