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CHALLENGE: Channel Abed, and explain using your knowledge of TV meta and canon, what may have been had something happened just a bit differently.

Three short What If..? drabbles for tvholics changed timeline chalenge.

Title: What If…?
Timeline: What if Shane and Lori hadn't a fight at the quarry during 'Tell it to the Frogs' and he didn't punch Ed?
Flavor: The Walking Dead
Characters: Carol Peletier
Rating: T
Word Count: 211
A/N: With beta help of severina2001.

Even the yelling of Andrea, Amy and Jacqui couldn't stop Ed. He grabbed his wife around her neck and jerked her away from the quarry. Having a little fun during an endless nightmare, he only would see the disrespect. In their tent he would teach her how to honor him.

Carol came around late in the evening. Everything hurt...again. New bruises decorated her body and the copper taste of blood was in her mouth. She could hear Ed order Sophia around to make supper. Carol hurried, blanking her pain to unburden her daughter.

The apocalypse hit their camp - screams, death, blood and panic. Carol reached for Sophia, carrying her through the chaos, Ed close by. One of the geeks got closer, no weapon to defend. She could see it in his face. He wanted to push them toward the danger to save his own life.

Suddenly a small-shot charge smashed the geek's head. Carol turned and saw the younger Dixon reloading. He shouted and she got behind his back, abandoning Ed to his fate. It was finally over, she realized. She ended her marriage and the abuse at this point. And as another Walker sneaked closer, Carol pointed out someone else for Daryl to rescue, someone who deserved to live.

Title: What If…?
Timeline: What if Carol had a tiny little more power after her escape?
Flavor: The Walking Dead
Characters: Carol Peletier
Rating: T
Word Count: 271
A/N: With beta help of severina2001.

Run and Fight – Run and Fight. It felt like Carol did it for hours. How long ago had she left T? T who sacrificed himself to save her life. T, the bloody corpse she was forced to pass again as she stumbled in more walkers behind the door. Panic crawled up her spine when thinking of the death fingers at her at her head.

Carol couldn’t go on but there was no way out. Her arms and legs were so heavy. Another walker passed her way. He was tall and hungry. Her knife glided into his cheek. Blood dropped over her fingers and there was no strength left to pull out the slippery hilt.

Her body switched to auto mode and in the next second Carol found herself in a dark and dirty cell. There would be no easy way out.

Before she could make new plans, Carol wanted to rest, only a few minutes but rest. She glided down the wall, laying her head on the knees.

A big bang woke her with a start. Carol had lost her sense of time. Maybe an hour or days passed since she closed her eyes. She was so thirsty. Fear hit her trembling body. No weapon around, no exit and any moment the geeks could storm her hideout. She got up on her feet. She wouldn’t die without a struggle. With her last power she reached for a broken chair as the door swung open, running into Daryl with her knife in his hands.

Knife and chair fell down as they both realized. Her safe harbor, Carol stumbled into Daryl’s open arms.

Title: What If...?
Timeline: Bobby Goren after 'Do you love her?' asked by Dr. Paula Gyson. – 10 x 05 Trophy Wine
Flavor: Criminal Intent
Characters: Bobby Goren + Dr. Paula Gyson
Rating: K+
Word Count: 170
A/N: With beta help of gorengal.

"Do you love her?" Dr. Gyson asked the Detective after he talked about his partner and how much he respected her.

Bobby fell silent, his eyes wide open. He was always good in responding to direct questions and attacks but this took him off guard. He needed to lean back.

"That wasn't a trick question, Detective. You’re safe."

"I...I admire her. She has my respect."

"I know, you said this," Paula answered, and leaned closer. "Do you love Alexandra?"

"Alex," Bobby corrected her.

"Do you love Alex?"

"The last thing she would need is for me to hit on her," Bobby whispered.

"I didn't ask you what SHE needs."

"Yeah...” Bobby collected his thoughts. “I, I talked myself into that she is like a sister to me."


"I have romantic feelings for her," Bobby confessed, cradling his face into his hands.

"What do you fear?"

"I need our working friendship and partnership. I can't..."


"What if I destroy everything? I would fall apart."


"I feel so lonely."

Tags: criminal intent, drabble, fanfiction, landcomm, the walking dead
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