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Vineyard Theatre 30th Anniversary Campaign

I saw this photo of Richard Nixon's sign change on tumblr today.

I send a note with the pic to Vineyard Theater via twitter that I thought of them and Checkers in the second I saw the sings. I also asked, if there is a chance that they recorded the play once so everyone could get a chance to watch Kathryn on stage as Pat Nixon.

Unfortunately they didn't do this, but they pointed on their 30th Anniversary Video. The Checkers participants have also contributed in the campaign. There are also tiny parts of Kathryn and Anthony acting on stage. Enjoy!

Published on Dec 7, 2012
MORE INFO AT: http://www.vineyardtheatre.org/30for30.html
Vineyard Theatre artists Colman Domingo, Nicky Silver, Judy Kuhn, Anthony LaPaglia, Kathryn Erbe, Douglas McGrath, Terry Kinney, Rajiv Joseph, Erika Sheffer and John Kander share their experiences working at the theatre.
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