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Blood from a Stoner

The newest short movie of Kathryn was filmed a few weeks ago.

Set in Greenwich Village, the short film Blood from a Stoner is about a challenging meeting between Sally, a struggling artist, and her aging, pot smoking father, Bernard. These roles are beautifully portrayed by Kathryn Erbe and Larry Bryggman; Lou Liberatore rounds out the cast as Jiri, the waiter who eventually contributes a touch of stability to their shaky connection. And that’s the essence of Blood from a Stoner: a father and daughter trying to connect. It’s about overcoming disappointment, letting go of familial expectations and accepting what is. 

Now the producer Jeanne Dorsey is collecting money to finish the project.

Blood from a Stoner starring Kathryn Erbe, Larry Bryggman and Lou Liberatore, written, directed and produced by Jeanne Dorsey, is in the can!  We shot it several weeks ago over four days.  We have beautiful footage and now we are raising funds for post production.  Please click on the video above and have a look at a rough cut of the opening sequence.

Watch the beautiful clip and visit indigogo to help funding the movie. There are 13 more days left to reach the goal.

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