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Norman Photo Shooting


Do you know how good it feels when finally adding a name/event to collected pictures? I only called the whole shooting with Norman in the black shirt and hat ‘Band aid’ because of his stripped fingers. Now I found an article with a group photo.

The whole picture bunch must be made at Tribecca Film Festival with the Meskada cast.

Norman Reedus plays Dennis Burroughs in the film. In real life, Reedus is a painter, photographer and sculptor as well as actor. He has had his art exhibited all over the world. Having led such an international life and possessing a very exotic kind of beauty, it is amazing the extent to which Reedus truly looks like a small town man in Meskada. Often playing villains, “I usually kill somebody” Reedus has a mercurial quality on film, a kind of John Hurt meets David Bowie sensibility. His characters often have a tough veneer, a guarded quality. In real life he can dissemble and reassemble a motorcycle or a gun. But in person he is kind, very connected, and gentle. Since the Boondock Saints movies, Reedus has experienced an odd variety of fame, the kind accompanied by fans showing up wearing tattoos with Reedus’ face. “I hope you were drunk when you did that,” he tells them. They usually assure him that they were. Upon meeting Reedus in person one is almost positive that the fans needed no chemical enhancement to be convinced of his charisma. “Why can’t you do a romantic comedy with Jennifer Love Hewitt?” his mother wants to know. His look definitely lends itself to characters in touch with their darker sides, but Reedus says, “I think I’m funny.” And he is. Reedus has a number of new projects coming out: Night of the Templar (2010), The Conspirator (2010) and 8 UHR 28 (2010)


Norman Reedus. Portrait by Leslie Hassler

Source: Huffington Post
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