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TVRealm: Episode 4x02 - The Four Elements

Episode 4x02: The Four Elements, for th tvrealm landcomm.
For this challenge you'll be using your favorite tv shows/characters to interpret each of the 4 elements: Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire. Think...Movement, liquid, solid, and destruction. The breath of life, purification, stability, and strength.

Merit Badge #2: The Winter is Coming Badge
Complete an ADDITIONAL option other than one you did for the challenge.

Choose 1 of the options to complete:
A. Write a 150 word (or more) tv drabble for each element.
B. Create 1 icons for each element.
C. Create a gif for each element.

D. Create a graphic (250 x 250 size minimum) for each element.

The Walking Dead: 2 x 05 - Chupacabra Elements with Daryl Dixon

4 Criminal Intent Elements

Tags: animation, artwork, criminal intent, icons, kathryn, landcomm, norman reedus, season: eight, season: four, season: seven, the walking dead, vincent
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