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TVRealm: Episode 4x03 - Love Child

Episode 4x03 - Love Child, for the tvrealm landcomm.
Take ANY two tv characters and tell us who their love child would be. This love child must be another tv character. Crossover crack is love <3

Age, sex, universe, sexual orientation, race, logistics, or ability to pro-create is NOT a factor.

TVRealm Badge #3: Kaylee Strawberry Badge
Complete BOTH options for your three person family. So if you've created a graphic, write that family's drabble. Or vice versa.
You are NOT creating a graphic for one threesome and writing a drabble for another. This is ALL for one family.

Choose 1 of these options to complete:
1. Graphic: Create a 6 image picspam or graphic (wallpaper, tumblr graphic, etc) for your three person family.
2. Writing: Write a 200 word (or more) drabble of your little family. This can take place at ANY time (at the birth, years later, kid going to college, etc), but ALL THREE characters must be there or mentioned.

A few years ago Aurelio Zen (Zen) & Rachel Young (Eleventh Hour) met at Quantico and had a wild and passionate night. Now Rachel visits Aurelio with their daughter Marie Dubois (Medium).


"Director Zen, you have guests", Aurelio's substitute secretary said, standing in the door. Tania Moretti was still not back in Roma.

"Director? Sono impressionata, Aurelio," the cool blonde said with a strong American accent.

Aurelio's eyes widened as he recognize Agent Young and his mind jumped back to Quantico, two years ago.

He had been still in the Questura of Venice as he had gotten the offer of a FBI workshop in Virginia. Rachel had been a participant as well. She wanted to detract from the leave of her partner - Yale had called or something else.

It had been three good but exhausting weeks and during their last night they had shared a few satisfying hours to reward for all the psycho games.

"Rachel," Zen said, didn't know if he should shake her hand or kiss her cheeks. Even if their night had been spectacular it had been only one night.

"Sorry, for the invasion. I'm on Italy vacation and I finally need to introduce you to someone. Marie, darling!" Rachel said and a little girl in a cute pink dress entered his office.

Now Aurelio was out of breath, comparing his US trip and the age of the girl.

"No pressure, no duty, just an introduction" Rachel whispered.

"How? How?" he spluttered. "How is she?"

"Good, great," Rachel said proudly, "If only her weird dreams would stop."

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