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Take a Bath: Drops of Sweat on Salty Skin

Title: Take a Bath

Flavor: The Walking Dead

Characters: Carol Peletier & Daryl Dixon

Rating: M

Chapter 3 Word Count: 3000

Synopsis: A small drink to relax lead to hot hours full of passion

Carol opened her eyes and closed them again. There was no difference, only darkness, all-embracing darkness. Panic welled up in her and she slipped out of her bed. She tried to be calm so not to disturb her sleeping daughter. Carol moved swiftly to the door and out of the office into the hall where the jittering light calmed her nerves. Better, so much better. She bent forward, embracing her knees and took a breather.

Daryl had strolled through the spacious underground complex and now wanted to go to bed. As he walked around the corner on the way to his room he found Carol breathing heavily and leaning against her door.

"You all right?" he got closer, touching her shoulder. He didn't know if he should call one of the other women or just stay and wait. But Carol straightened up again. "The total darkness." She shook her head and took another deep breath. "It was too much. God, I thought I had it under control."

Daryl relaxed. "Have a drink with me. That will calm you down."

"No, I shouldn't."

"C'mon lady." Daryl opened the door, deposited his crossbow and waited until Carol followed him. He took the neglected big Southern Comfort bottle from the desk, cracked it open and poured one finger of the fruity but spicy liqueur in a small glass. With an encouraging smile he passed it to Carol.

"Thanks." She took a small sip, tasting the strong flavor. Carol sat down the couch and tried to relax. Before Daryl sat next to her, he got a big glass of water from the bathroom for her. He also turned off the big ceiling lightning and flickered on the soft desk lamp.


Carol sighed, "Yes."

Silence fell between them and Daryl's eyes wandered everywhere but towards Carol. Of course she wore this boring granny pajama but he still could evoke vivid images of her vulnerable but breathtaking naked body. "Thanks for the clean clothes," he said after a while, and took a first sip direct from the bottle.

"You're welcome. I'm glad they fit." Their eyes met and held for several seconds.

"Perfect." He smirked, and raised the bottle. Carol took her glass and they toasted.

"Boyaah," they said, and took another sip. Daryl couldn't believe that he felt comfortable with Carol and didn't need to push her away. She was deep in his personal space and he couldn't banish her from his mind, but he confessed to himself that he liked the feeling. It was their fourth time alone. Weird three of them happened today. He noted that her company washed away his ubiquitous anger.

"I missed you in the rec room. It's too bad you didn't join us. They have many fiction books and a lot of board and card games."

"I checked the layout of the complex. Feel more safe when know what is where," Daryl said, and his eyes followed the outline of his crossbow next to the door.

Carol nodded and understood the hunter. But now she felt foolish. Daryl still took care of the whole group as she already relaxed.

"But tomorrow I'll beat you at Ludo."

"Dream on, I'm a Ludo master," Carol returned. She was relieved that their mood hadn't dropped. Bumping gently against Daryl, she added, "They also have a karaoke system."

"I'm glad we're not allowed to use electronics," Daryl replied to Carol's giggles.

"Thank you. It feels good to laugh."

"Welcome. I also discovered a gym on my tour. Maybe the kids like that as well."


Before another odd silence crept in, Carol thanked for the drink and added, "I think I can fall asleep now." She got up and reached for the door knob. Daryl followed Carol, intending to open the door for her. "Just leave the desk lamp or bathroom light switched on." In the chaos Carol lost her balance and bumped against Daryl who was pinned to the door. Their hands touched and they both froze in mid-motion. Carol looked down at their intertwined fingers and her eyes moved slowly higher catching sight of a small star, a heart and then Mingus tattooed in red letters on tanned skin. At the top there was a gargoyle perching on toned muscles. Their faces where so close, only a tiny gap between them. There were no thoughts of pushing. Daryl mechanically licked his lips and Carol just rose on her toes to close the last inches.

Smooth lips met and a long dance of nibbling, tasting and exploring began. No visual impression broke their sensual intimacy. They enjoyed the moment and fell into it without any thoughts, just being. There were soft moans and easy sighs. This couldn't be real.

As they both opened their eyes and realized what they were doing, Carol stepped back.

"Sorry," they said breathing heavily in unison, but noted that their hands still held the other's on the knob.

"Boah, didn't expect."

"Me neither."

"Do…do you really need to go?" Daryl bit his lips, which Carol leaded to touch them.

Those wonderful lips, which had moved Carol far away to a place of no pain. Shaking her head, she leaned back into him and found herself in the safest embrace ever. Strong arms were wrapped around her body and their kissing began again with even more fever. Carol carefully moved her tongue along Daryl's lips, slipping between his teeth. Tip met tip and she tasted the hot liqueur they had savored a few minutes before. Maybe there was a way back, but neither thought of stopping – going further was more in their minds. They relished the closeness too much.

"Help me with the buttons of my top." she whispered boldly, taking the opportunity to nip at his earlobe.

"God lady." Daryl was weak in the knees and he was glad that the door was there to stabilize him. Everything was so new for him. "I...I'm not that experienced," he spluttered, and lowered his gaze to avoid Carol's judgment.

She sucked at his lower lip. "Just follow your fantasies and imaginations."

Daryl tore at Carol's top. She laughed softly and laid her hands over his. "But take your time," and they opened the buttons together.

"Okay." Daryl stroked the fabric carefully over her shoulders, exposing the skin he hadn't been able to forget over the last hour. It had been important for his sense of security to explore the underground complex but he also needed the space and distance from the others in order to calm down. He would have liked to join Carol and the kids but these strange feelings were virgin soil to him and he wasn't sure of himself. Now in this locked togetherness he could start to experiment. "You need to tell me what you like."

"Oh." Now it was Carol's turn to learn something new. But the surprise didn't last for long. Daryl's lips kissed hers again. His callous hands ran down her arms and up her back, fingertips tickling her spine. "So soft," he moaned in her mouth, and broke the kiss long enough to pull his shirt over his head. Daryl wanted to feel his skin against Carol's. Her heat should mix with his.

"So many old scars." Carol ran gently her fingers over Daryl's abused chest. He could see sadness clouding her face. Shaking his head, she understood. Now wasn't the right time to reveal his past.

"Later," she whispered, and he nodded relieved. To his surprise Carol move on. She touched every mark, kissing the dark spots of his childhood without disgust. His chest and belly looked awful. The scars were even more highlighted because of the big fresh bruises but Carol spoiled him with growing passion. Maybe she really was the one to talk with about his youth, but that would be later. Right now he wanted to savor these new feelings and impressions.

Daryl finally dared to lower his gaze to Carol's breasts. A mix of shadows and dim light wrapped the upper part of her body. It wasn't the first time he had seen boobs but this was the closest he'd been. So close that he could watch how the pink nipples stood erect. Was that happening because his breath brushed over them? Daryl needed to test it again. He slipped slightly lower, the door still in his back, and blew over Carol's pale skin, which was covered with so many cute freckles. Oh fuck, yes. Her tips got even harder and she moaned slightly.

"So sensitive," he murmured astonished. Daryl had stopped counting how often Merle had fucked one of his bitches in the bed next to him. His brother had liked big boobs to dig his teeth into. The girls hadn't even winced. Daryl was curious if this was a size question. He breathed again over Carol's soft mounds. Let her tremble. With a boyish smile he looked up. He wanted more. But her closed eyes and flicking tongue showed him he didn't need permission. Pressing Carol's slender body against his face he started to place feathery kisses on her cleavage.

Don't rush it, he cautioned himself, licking slowly around the sweet areolas.

"Oh god, Daryl," Carol moaned, as he started to suck on her nipples. She buckled but Daryl moved his knee between her legs, giving her stability. And more pleasure he realized, interpreting the radiating heat.

He left centers of arousals where his mouth touched her skin. Carol was far away from thinking very well and she wanted to drown in Daryl's caresses. Digging her hands into his hair, she sank a bit deeper. The pressure of his knee was hardly bearable. But now Carol remembered Daryl's words of not having many experiences. He was so noble with his ministrations and deserved a first kind lesson.

She laid her palms against his cheeks and pulled him gently higher. There was a sparkling in his deep blue eyes which sent hot waves through Carol's whole body but she concentrated and pressed Daryl against the door. She wanted to explore his warm body with all her senses. She kissed sharp collarbones – it wasn't only she who had lost weight over the last weeks. Carol's tongue tasted his salty skin inked with another male name. Sniffing at his neck and touching strong shoulders. This man felt like a rock wrapped in velvet. Daryl wasn't the only one savoring new experiences tonight.

Carol never had been the initiator of intimacy but this time her hand glided deep and deeper while her mouth discovered even more smooth skin and she rubbed her breasts against his chest. Carol stopped for a brief moment as her fingertips brushed the waistband of Daryl's sweat pants. He gulped and her hands slipped inside.

"Fuck," he hissed, as Carol's hands closed around his pulsating dick. So much better than fantasies.

Slowly she stroked along his full lengths, finding the right pressure and speed to drive him crazy.

All the strength I have gained from hand washing mountains of clothing is coming in handy. The naughty thought entered Carol's mind. "You like it?"

"Fuck, I'm cumming, Car..."

Carol started to giggle, but in the next moment she knew Daryl wasn't joking. Guttural moans escaped his raspy throat and his legs trembled harder, leaning heavier on her. He was losing it, hadn't any control over his body anymore. With a loud sigh Daryl climaxed hot and sticky into Carol's palm.

The waves of pleasure ebbed slowly away and embarrassment and guilt flooded Daryl's mind. He wanted to flee. Damn, I'm not better than a horny teenager. But a look into Carol's satisfied face calmed him. There was a naughty smile no woman had ever given him and he hadn't assumed that this good housewife was capable of.

"Shit," he gasped, as he guessed her next steps. She couldn't...shouldn't...wouldn't. Never. But after a quick kiss on his mouth Carol's wet lips moved deep and deeper. She didn't stop at his chest or navel. And as she pushed his pants over his butt there was no doubt about her plan anymore.

"Fuck, no." Daryl couldn't believe what his wide eyes showed him. With slow nips and luxurious licks Carol cleaned the mess he had done.

Carol didn't recognize herself. She never had done this for Ed. Even the thought about it made her sick but she must taste Daryl. Carefully she closed her lips around his smooth tip and sucked softly.

With a loud smack she released him after a while. "Yummy." Licking her lips sensually, she got up again.

Daryl's face was red and his sideburns glued flat at his sweated temples. Only his astonished gaze and shaking body revealed his inexperience. God, he was so sexy and he didn't even realize it.

"Everything all right?"

"I don't know what to say."

They shared a warm smile. Everything was all right.

"Now it's your turn, lady."

Daryl turned them both around, pressing Carol's back against the door. His eyes roamed with pleasure over her curves highlighted in the subtle light. His fingertips stroked her sides and he rested his palms on her hips, feeling for the pajamas pants which covered her butt - boring not at all.

Carol's breath quickened as Daryl hooked his thumbs inside the waistband. He learned quickly. But then he decided to change their location, moving away from the not very comfortable door. He lifted Carol and carried her to the desk. Carefully he placed her onto the desktop.

Daryl reached for Carol's pants and pulled them down. He also stripped out of his pants which already hung around the hollow of his knees and kicked off his boots. Biting his lips, Daryl devoured the view of the naked woman in front of him. She looked like an athlete with muscular arms and shoulders, a flat belly and strong legs. He wanted to desire this body. He wanted to spoil Carol and watch how she trembled from his ministrations. But Daryl didn't know how. He was at a loss. Everything he knew of sex, he'd learned from watching porn. That wasn't really helping and Carol deserved so much better. He bent to her ear and whispered, "What do you want me to do?"

Carol blushed even more. She tried to cover her nudity. She felt sexy under Daryl's gaze but also unprotected.

"Don't be shy. I still can feel you're not," he teased. "And don't hide. You're so beautiful."

"I don't know..."

"Also new territories for you?"

Carol nodded. "I liked how you kissed my breast," she told him.

"Me too," Daryl replied with a mischievous glint. He ran his hands over her shoulder to her breasts, squeezing the round flesh. Daryl felt clumsy but Carol responded with deep moans. He had done something right, Daryl was pleased and curious. He wanted to try something else. He winked and then closed his eyes. Carefully he moved his tongue over her throat, between her breasts and down her belly. While kissing Carol on the soft flesh under her bellybutton, Daryl still played with her nipples, rolling the rock hard tips between his fingers. He enjoyed the different texture grades of the female body.

Carol became more and more fidgety under Daryl's hands and lips. Her head spun and by accident she groaned, "I wanna feel you everywhere. Your lips, your fingers, your tongue."

"No prob, babe."


"Carol." Daryl looked back to her face with a big grin on his lips. She sat up to steal another kiss and wrapped her legs around his hips to pull him closer. The short peck turned into a long and breathtakingly deep kiss. While their lips nipped at each other and their tongues explored the mouth of the other one, Daryl's hand sneaked between Carol's legs.

Carol moved slightly in Daryl's embrace, rubbing her body against his. Suddenly she stiffened and stopped breathing. Her eyes snapped open and she panted heavily. Daryl circled again his thumb over the swollen and slick button, the end of so many nerves.

"I did something right, didn't I?"

Carol couldn't answer. She nuzzled even closer and pressed her abdomen against Daryl's palm, hoping this would answer his question.

"You feel so good."

"You even better," she whimpered.

Daryl's finger got wetter the longer he stroked Carol. He enjoyed the easier gliding over her heat and the response of her entire body to every change of his speed and direction.

"Lord," she gasped, as one finger entered her. The rubbing increased and Carol noted that a sweet feeling built up. Her last vibrator action was long ago and her body ached for release. As Daryl changed again the frequency of his touches and he sucked once again at her neck Carol exploded.

Carol was shaking in spasm. Daryl thought the air got thicker and he could taste her lust on the tip of his tongue. Carol's orgasm smelled amazing and the slickness of her center was replaced by a lighter fluid. He embraced her for the entire coming, recording all the new impressions.

Daryl was astonished by the effect Carol's climax had on him. Of course kissing his dick helped to stay in a naughty and prurient mood but now after this impressive vision he wanted everything. His cock was hard again and jolted against Carol's core.

With trembling arms and legs Carol released Daryl from her embrace. Unsteadily she slipped off the table. But confident she reached for his hand and pulled him toward the couch. The woman looked curiously over her shoulder, searching for Daryl's excited face. She placed him on the pillows and climbed onto his lap. Daryl nodded to confirm her unasked question and Carol sank slowly down to melt together.
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