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Take a Bath: Swirl

Title: Take a Bath

Flavor: The Walking Dead

Characters: Carol Peletier & Daryl Dixon

Rating: T

Chapter 4 Word Count: 1500

Synopsis: Snuggling and relaxing after sex plus the next morning.

You can find the other three chapters here:
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Chapter 2: Broken Shower
Chapter 3: Drops of Sweat on Salty Skin

Carol blinked two times and then focused on the digital wall clock. The red glowing numbers showed 2:13. She rested her head again on Daryl's chest. Snuggling and laziness after sex, it had been more than a decade since her last post coital satisfaction.

"How do you feel?" she asked into the darkness. A soft kiss on her forehead and deeper hugging was the answer.

"Me, too."

"So much better than all my fantasies," Daryl confessed. Maybe Merle would call him a chick or pussy if he knew that Daryl had cried of joy as he became a man. But Daryl loved the honesty between him and Carol. They hadn't played any stupid games. Why start now?

"Best sex of my life," he heard her saying, and smiled.

"Really?" He moved one hand between their bodies, wanted to thank her for the proud feelings. Unfortunately he hit one of the bruises and Carol winced slightly. The close cuddling under smooth sheets didn't give his naughty fingers the space they needed. During their lovemaking – Lovemaking, I'm really a chick. – they had been very careful with their injuries. But Daryl needed to confess, pleasure and pain were an interesting combination he planned to study a little more.


"Never mind." Carol relaxed again. Her next moan is full of lust. Both of Daryl's palms rest now on her butt and the small of her back, her new found erogenous zone. She still couldn't believe how many new frontiers they crossed tonight.

"Best sex of your life, uh?"

"Guilty." Carol nibbled at Daryl's neck where it became his shoulders. That was his soft spot. It could be the start of their third round, but something was gnawing at Daryl. After the first shocking arousal of being inside a woman and as he had gotten used to moves, noises and feelings – as if he ever would get use to THIS feeling, Daryl had turned Carol on her back, defining the pace. There had been fear in Carol's face for a very short moment before she had realized that Daryl only wanted to spoil her forever.

"You and Ed…did he, did he force you to, to..?"

Carol stopped her kisses. She knew she could trust Daryl. Of course, they had shared so many things in the last hours. Nevertheless this would be another step she needed to take. Her head screamed 'no'. Why kill the unburdened mood? But her heart longed for even more frankness.

"There is a time before and after," Carol whispered. "As Ed came back from war a lot of things changed."

"He was in war?"

"Iraq," she stopped for a brief moment. "He couldn't often. Was hardly able to get an erection."


"Our sex wasn't stellar before but…but after. All his frustration. He found other ways to channel his anger." Carol covered one of her bruises with a hand.

"He didn't look for help?"

"No, it was my fault…everything was always my fault."

Daryl had a lump in his throat. He felt the need to pull Carol even closer and brushed a soft kiss on her temple. He didn't know what to say but hoped that his embrace showed her what he couldn't put in words.

"Who did these?" Carol stroked gently the long and dark scar which ran parallel to Daryl's collarbones. Her head still rested on his chest and she noted his quicken heartbeat.

"Pa," Daryl answered after a while, biting his lips. He tensed so much that his jaw creaked.

Carol didn't pressure him further. Daryl would tell her when he was ready. Gentle stroking and soft kisses helped him to relax again. But Carol was curious about all the tattoos. Some looked professional, others as through made in jail. Demons and angels fought for hegemony and she couldn't tell who would win.

"Who are Mingus and Norman?"

Daryl's eyes twinkled and a small smile played around his mouth. "People who were good to me. I'm stronger cause I carry them with me."

"Sounds good," she returned the smile.

"Hope they're still alive."

Carol pressed her lips on the lettering of Daryl's chest. A deep sigh escaped her throat.

"Need to go, right?"

"I don't want to."


"It's the time when Sophia usually wakes up from nightmares. I don't want her to be alone in the new surrounding."

Daryl nodded. Once again he ran his hands over Carol's smooth back. He turned them both around for a long and deep kiss full of passion. "Thank you." With a smile on his lips, Daryl got up, devouring again the wonderful view of Carol's naked silhouette. He reached for her hand to help her up, pulling the woman in another tight embrace. To feel her body pressed against his was something he could get used to.

"Just come with me?"

"Alluring, very alluring. But I don't wanna frighten your little girl."

"You wouldn't."

"And I don't know if I can keep ma hands off you."

Carol giggled. Daryl was right. It would demand a strong mental will not to touch him for the rest of the night when resting next to each other. "Maybe we can come up with a plan for tomorrow night," Carol said, and stepped to the door. She crouched to fetch her pajama top.

"Yes," Daryl growled. Drying his sweated body with the familiar red flannel, he stepped to Carol, touching again her hips. "Wait, I'll help you with the buttons." Slowly he closed the top, covering her smooth breasts and belly from his view. "A shame." They hugged and kissed again before Daryl also got Carol's pants.

"Sweet dreams."

"Daryl?" Carol reached for both of his hands, looking deep in his eyes. "Thank you for wonderful hours full of," she sighed. "Full of passion and lust and gentleness."

"Welcome," Daryl gulped. He closed his eyes as Carol brushed her lips tenderly on his cheek. In the next moment she slipped out into the dimly lit hall, the flannel in her hand smelling of their union. He waited until he heard her door closing.

Daryl leaned again at the door. He tried to evoke the memory of every kiss and touch. Carol was a great and patient teacher. A dirty smile sneaked on his lips. Daryl was drunk with happiness. His gaze fell on the barely touched liquor bottle and he giggled. He would never again need booze to feel good.

Daryl awaked with a big smile on his lips. His face was buried deep inside the soft pillow, the smooth blanket over his body. He was very well rested and was completely content. Shifting slightly Daryl rolled on his side to face the desk. His smile changed to a dirty grin but somehow his mouth was dry. Nevertheless he was relaxed. Daryl didn't remember when he felt this good. They were safe, had plenty of food, electricity and running water. Plus Daryl, he had…had Carol.

A languorous purring escaped his throat as he evoked their tender togetherness of last night. Even the slight headache couldn't cloud the prickling in his tummy.

Daryl sprawled under the blanket and his hand moved inside his pants to scratch his balls. His gaze flickered back to the desk. The Southern Comfort bottle was half-empty. Something was wrong. Why he wore sweat pants and the tank?

Not a dream, please let last night not be a dream, Daryl jumped off the couch and a slight dizziness hit his head. All signs of a hangover broke over him. Was Carol never here? When did she leave? Did she flee after the kiss?

Daryl tore open the desk drawer and the untouched condom box confirmed a boozy night without any company. Daryl had found the rubbers during the office inspection he had laughed out loud. Why should someone store condoms at his work place? But he had choked at his laugh and panted heavily as Carol had rolled the rubber carefully over his dick, useful - very useful.

He could still feel her touches, knew how she tasted. Her arms and legs around his body, butt and groin in perfect harmony. Teaching and learning - exploration and discovering. All of these intimate hours couldn't be hallucinations.

Daryl stepped into the bathroom to check his mirror image. His face did not show signs of a change or his body marks of lovemaking.

In the first moment Daryl was sad. He enjoyed the togetherness with Carol. But maybe it was better this way. There would be no complications, no bonding during an unstable time, no making plans. Even when he liked to make plans and he had a few good ones for this situation. He also had known last night that Carol could be the person who he entrust his past. His heart ached a little more.

After brushing his teeth, Daryl dressed in his grey pants and a brown stripped sleeveless shirt. He opened the door as a furious Shane stomped down the hall. Daryl suppressed a brief laugh. At least he hadn't the deputy's problems. He passed the next corner and saw that Carol entered the kitchen at the end of the hall. There was again a feeling of loss. A loss of something Daryl never really had.

But Daryl caught his breath and his pupils widened as he spotted his red handkerchief hanging out of Carol's trouser pocket.

The end

We'll read us again…Antje
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