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TVRealm: Episode 4x04 - The Gods

Episode 4x04 - The Gods for the tvrealm landcomm.
For this challenge you will be casting...GODS with television characters. You may cast 12 Greek, Egyptian, or Norse Gods. You can stick to one mythology of gods or mix and match so long as you have 12 in total.

Create a medium or large graphic (wallpaper, tumblr graphic, banner, etc) that shows your character casting as the god of your choice.

TVRealm Badge #04: The Hale Badge

Heavily stylize your graphics to visually express your god and the character that will play them. Add imagery, text, textures, stock, or whatever you need to. Each graphic should have at least 4 images/layers to it (i.e. 2 character images + 2 textures, or 1 character image + god image + text + texture, etc) and be individually manipulated and stylized.

Bobby Goren [Law&Order: Criminal Intent] = Thor
God of thunder and battle.

Alex Eames [Law&Order: Criminal Intent] = Freya
Goddess of love, fertility, and battle.

Little walker girl [The Walking Dead] = Baldr
God of beauty, innocence, peace, and rebirth.

Mick Saint John [Moonlight] = Máni
God of the moon.

Hallgrim Hallgrimsson [Ørnen/The Eagle] = Höðr
God of winter

Shirley Schmidt [Boston Legal] = Vár
Goddess of contract.

Daryl Dixon [The Walking Dead] = Ullr
God of skill, hunt, and duel.

Lois [Malcolm in the Middle] = Frigg
Goddess of marriage and motherhood.

Mickey Stone [Hustle] = Loki
Trickster and god of mischief.

Saga Noren [Broen/Bron/The Bridge] = Lofn
Goddess of forbidden loves.

Spencer Reid [Criminal Minds] = Forseti
God of justice, peace and truth.

Max Guevara [Dark Angel] = Nótt
Goddess of night.

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