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Icon Meme

bizarra icked up six of my icons and now I should explain them - good choice by the way ;o)

Comment with whatever you want the word "ICONS!" and I'll choose six of your icons and then you'll post this with some explanation of the icons I chose.

Bobby and Alex during Rocket Man at some Air Force or NASA training center in Annapolis. For this icon I moved Bobby to Alex to have them closer together. Love the big window and the sun. Plus when you know my addiction to silhouettes (see default icon) it's great you only have the outlines of the both Detectives in front of the light background.

Bobby being a Detective, doing investigations ;o) See how great pictures Criminal Intent created with their camera work. If I remember right, I highlighted the flashlight with an extra light blop. The rest was a simple crop.

Cuddy and House. I made this icon for shipper20in20. I used a tutorial and my result turned out very nice. I so love this & brush and use it now and then on my artwork.

Mhm, my Daryl. This is also a challenge work. First the icon was brighter but as I added the last texture (which cut much of the icon) I was blown away. I so love when textures surprise me. I really like the green and even when his beautiful face is hidden a bit you can see all the good features.

'But no Grandchildren!' There is this beautiful image of a pregnant woman who looked a lot like Kathryn Erbe. (I also used it in the current God challenge) I mixed it with Alex dad's words of 'Last Street in Manhattan' - cruel and hurting words which are so not true. Alex was the one who carried her nephew. She so gave her dad a grandson.

Another tutorial where I like my own result very much. Okay, I hate the break in the lantern, but I know I can't reproduce the icon to fix it. I love the colorful texture work and Bobby all in b&w. He is a strong guy, he rocks the pink.
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