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TVRealm: Episode 4x10 - Comment Fic

Episode 4x10 - Comment Fic for the tvrealm landcomm.
Respond to the prompts with a fic that is a minimum of 100 words.

Prompt: this is gross
Characters: Carol Peletier & Daryl Dixon
Flavor: The Walking Dead
Rating: K+
Word Count: 138
A/N: With beta help of severina2001.


"Oh my fucking..." Daryl stopped cursing as Carol passed him a warning gaze. The hunter was back in the prison for a few days. But it was the first time he found a calm moment during the busy defense preparation against the Governor to join Carol in taking care of Judith.

"This is gross. How can she smell so bad?" Daryl already regretted his offer to help.

Carol didn't pay attention. She went on cleaning the baby and changing the fabric diaper.

"Here," she passed him the stinky package.


"Of course, throw it in the diaper bucket. We'll boil out it later," she said very serious, but inside Carol laughed loudly. She had seen Daryl dig in walker guts and covered with blood and dirt without complaint but a little poop of a newborn was too much.

Prompt: Why is there a paranormal investigation team in our house?
Characters: Alex Eames & Bobby Goren/Olivia Dunham & Lincoln Lee
Flavor: L&O:CI/Fringe
Rating: T
Word Count: 222
A/N: With beta help of my friend gorengal.


"Mhm, you feel so good," Bobby purred, and opened his eyes. Having Alex on top of him will never get boring. They shared a smile and Alex lowered her head for more sensual kisses.

A squeaking of a door interrupted the love act. Alex and Bobby turned their heads and saw two attractive people in dark blue business suits - FBI.

"Detectives Goren and Eames?" the blonde woman asked, and both nodded.

"Agents Dunham and Lee, Fringe Division. We're sorry, but you're not allowed to have an intimate relationship. The fandom universe would implode," Lincoln said, shifting his glasses a little higher.

"Oh no, everything is all right," Alex answered and wrapped a sheet around her heated body. She reached for a thick contract letter and passed it to Olivia. "We wrapped one year ago and are now off line."

"Ah." Olivia checked the papers and Lincoln browsed through his smart phone.

"Yes, and when one of us is on air again with the franchise we will say that we're in some new relationship," Bobby added.

"I decided on a fire-fighter," Alex supplemented.

"Dear, then our information is old. We're sorry."

"No problem."

"Go on, we won't bother you any longer." Lincoln nodded slightly and both Agents left the bedroom.

Alex and Bobby shrugged and resumed their lovemaking where they left off.

Prompt: ice cream
Characters: Joss Carter & John Reese
Flavor: Person of Interest
Rating: T
Word Count: 121


Joss Carter left the dark police department after a 36 hours shift full of junkies, drug barons and incompetent coworkers. The warm beams of the spring sun greeted her. Bees hummed, the air was sweet and the familiar bell of an ice cream truck dispelled her tiredness within minutes.

One scoop of vanilla on her way home was exactly what she needed.

But ice cream wasn't the only thing she got for her bill. Inside the truck was Reese - a big grin on his lips and a ridiculous cap on his head.

Joss sighed and reached for the note with the Social Secret Number, forgotten were the warm spring day, her comfy bed and the day off with her son.

Prompt: drunk
Characters: Carol Peletier & Daryl Dicon
Flavor: The Walking Dead
Rating: T
Word Count: 141


Daryl sneaked slowly up the stairs. The prison was calm, everyone rested in a cell and tried to realize. Rick, Merle and him had reached the inner fence without many problems, but in the whole attack they had lost Axel.

Daryl reached the first floor but his bed on the perch was missing.

With a few steps he was in Carol's den. She wasn't sleeping but sitting on the floor, her back resting against the cold concrete wall, nursing a bottle of booze.

She lifted her head and Daryl hit a wave of sadness and self-pity.


"No!" Daryl said.

"I'm not good for people," Carol replied with heavy tongue. "Everyone I'm close died."

Daryl moved next to her, taking the bottle for a sip. "I don't plan to die in the next time."

A snort was the answer.

"I promise."
Tags: criminal intent, drabble, fanfiction, fringe, landcomm, person of interest, the walking dead
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