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TVRealm: Episode 4x12 - Down the Rabbit Hole

Episode 4x12 - Down the Rabbit Hole for the tvrealm landcomm.
Create an alternate universe. You can do this as either writing, or graphics.

Write at least 150 words either as a fic or description of your alternate universe. This could be as simple as taking canon and making it a fusion or coffee shop AU.


Create a graphic depicting your AU - a picspam or gifset of at least 6 images or 4 gifs.

TVRealm Badge: n/a

Do double the work, or the other option for a bonus 5 points.

I extended my funny Fringe/CI AU, where the Fringe Division is observing my ships to make me not too happy.

PicSpam 1

Title: Shipping Control
Characters: Olivia Dunham & Lincoln Lee
Flavor: Fringe ++
Rating: K+
Word Count: 244
A/N: Don't make fangirls too happy with their ships.

"So, who is next?" Olivia Dunham asked, and stepped to Agent Lee who stood in front of a big switching unit with many blinking lights.


"Havers? Like Sergeant Barbara Havers - Lynley and Havers - Elizabeth George books and BBC?"

"I guess so," Lincoln answered. "But it looks like this ship isn't that prominent for her right now. She hadn't watched an episode in years and she is eagerly waiting for the current book."

"All right, so who else is on her list?" Olivia went to her desk to check the information.

"Goren and Eames," Lincoln counted.

"Good Criminal Intend wrapped over a year ago. Bobby and Alex can do what they want. No one will ever find out.

"Wasn't there a guest cameo of Eames in SVU?"

Olivia nodded. "Yes, but they added something with a fire fighter. We're save and don't need to keep attention. Okay, how can we challenge this havers?"

"Anna and John Bates - Downton Abbey. She watched until S2 and needs to see the Christmas Special plus the whole S3."

Both agents started to laugh. "There won't be only happy times."

"Nothing current," Lincoln added. "Stella and Mac - CSY: New York, Jack and Erica - V, Cat and Nick - Cold Case."

"Really?" Olivia asked. "No one ships Vera and Miller."

"Oh, oh," Lincoln said."

"Oh, oh, doesn't sound good."

"Carol and Daryl - The Walking Dead."

"Oh oh," Olivia replied. "We could get a problem."

Tags: criminal intent, downton abbey, drabble, fanfiction, fringe, landcomm, picspam, the walking dead, visitors
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