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TVRealm: 4x16 - Storybrooke

Episode 4x16 - Storybrooke or the tvrealm landcomm.

  • Time to put your imagination to work, tvrealm as you are transported into another realm. All your tv characters are here having adventures that you never thought they might have (or need want them to have). Tell a short story involving at least one of these characters (or objects!)

  • Illustrate your story using paint, picture cut outs, photoshop, doodles, macrame it doesn't matter. You may not use complete screencaps to make your story. There must be some drawing in there somewhere - this is a magical world! (all drawings for maximum amusment of course ;D)

  • You can also illustrate using photos of action figures or toys

  • Your story should have at least 1 page, with words & stories.

See here the single pages of Sharks have Daryl Dixon Week.
page1, page2, page3, page4

caX0S by jacquelee
Tags: animation, landcomm, melissa mcbride, norman reedus, the walking dead
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