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TVRealm: 4x09 - My Realm

Episode 4x09 - My Realm for the tvrealm community.

PATH B: For this path you will be creating your own Original Realm inhabited with original characters and an original story. You will represent your realm by writing, creating/casting characters, and creating graphics.

STEP ONE: Name your realm and tell us about it.
STEP TWO: Create TWO (or more) opposing forces for your realm, and create characters for each opposing force. A minimum of 1 original character per feuding force is required.

I discovered the world of STEAMPUNK and really enjoy to look at all the cool retro innovations. I thought very long what to do for this challenge but then I came up with this different but equal world. Follow me to...

Caputh's Men

Caputh's Men is the new one hour long drama show of HAVERS Network. Imagine a world without oil. Germs destroyed all deposits and the petroleum products in the early 1950s. But mankind made the best of the situation and found new ways to go on.
We meet a group of scientists in their labs at Albert-Einstein-Institute (AEI). They try to find the answers of today's unsolved problems but to get government funding for their experiences is always a hard fight.
Caputh is a sleepy suburbia of the busy capital. The only exciting place of the town close to the idyllic lake Schwielow is the research center. The institute is settled in the old castle of Caputh.

Nicholas Lane, Ph. D. - played by Laurence Fishburne

Prof. Dr. Nicholas Lane is the director of the Albert-Einstein-Institute. He is an enthusiastic scientist and can look back on a long and successful research career in many countries. But since he took the leading of the AEI four years ago, he needs to share his time between administration of the institute - guiding it into a flourishing future - and teaching at the institute related Potsdam University in the capital, but there is no time for lab work anymore. Nicholas likes the mix of busy city and the country side of Caputh. He is very proud of his staff and their research.
Nicholas' three children are grown up. He and his wife Evelyn found new happiness in their intimate togetherness.

Everett Hamilton, Ph.D. - played by Martin Freeman

Prof. Dr. Everett Hamilton is the department head of the technical support of Albert-Einstein-Institute. He made his Ph.D. in engineering at the Caltech and he gained his lectureship at Potsdam University in the capital only two years ago. Everett is still struggling with the students in the auditorium but he loves to teach them in his labs. Next to supporting all scientists at AEI with their experiences, Everett own research contains the creation of new illuminants.
Everett is living in a house boat at the shore of lake Schwielow and sails a wood wherry in his spare time. Sometimes he 'borrows' the institute speedboat to reach the big city and the university to get in time to his lectures.

Linda Carpenter, Ph.D. - played by Melissa McCarthy

Dr. Linda Carpenter is the department head of the materials science section of the Albert-Einstein-Institute. Linda studied chemistry at Brown university and made her Ph.D. with designing new non-carbon materials at BASF. With her research she gains the highest third-party funds of the AEI. Linda has to travel to many conferences because of the success of her studies but she hates to give talks in front of big audiences. She is always a bag of nerves the week before her international presentations.
Linda's marriage with Dudley Hunter failed. He couldn't stand that Linda's successful work to find new materials and overcome a world without oil products was more important than creating a perfect running household and being a good housewife. Lena and Nicolas, their children spend most of the time with their mom. When Linda travels her brother Ernie, a jobless musician, keeps an eye on the teens.

Patrick May Ph.D. - played by Norman Reedus

Dr. Patrick May's research contains all kinds of weapons. He is studying their history and the related traditions, their construction as well as the handling and power. Patrick's section of the Albert-Einstein-Institute is a combination of museum with many historic exhibits and shooting range with corresponding practice fight arena. Patrick likes to rebuild Leonardo Da Vinci's weapon sketches. He celebrates sea combats on lake Schwielow and forces his master and Ph.D. students to wear Roman legionnaire uniforms to build the testudo formation.
In spite of all the fight in his professional life, Patrick is a celebrating Buddhist. Now and then he gets his guitar and jams with Ernie Carpenter.

Levi Faulkner, Ph. D. - played by Kyle MacLachlan

Dr. Levi Faulkner is a government commissioner who spreads the public funds for many research institutions. He also decides about the governmental capital of the Albert-Einstein-Institute. Even as former study colleague of Nicholas Lane - they both wrote their Master thesis at Yale - he needs good and successful results to pass the yearly allowance. It's not easy to convince him but he is fair and supports new questions and interesting idea. During his visits in Caputh he likes to discuss research problems but also enjoys the nature and water of the country side.

Lucile Pearson - played by Olivia D'Abo

Lucile Pearson is the assistant of Dr. Faulkner at the government administration. The cool blonde has a sharp mind and very often she influences Levi's decision about the next funding of research institutes and the overall development direction of the country. There are many secrets around Lucile and she doesn't allow peering over her shoulder. First the directing of her boss with female tricks but also with clever arguments doesn't look like an A over B to C path. What are her bigger plans?

Late night Lake duet

It was Friday night. Josephine Odom's first week at the Albert-Einstein-Institute was over. Patrick May had noted the new assistant of Prof. Lane as he had needed an authorized signature for his new musket comparison project. He’d just nodded as he’d passed her office to get to Nicholas, didn't take a second glance, didn't note her expressive features.
Now Patrick was on his way to Ernie Carpenter with the guitar in his hands. He wanted to jam and forget all the violence he saw during his today's xylograph study of the Second Crusade. As he passed one of his favorite shore areas of lake Schwielow, sun setting, he saw Josephine again. She sat on a filigree stool, a cello between her bare tights, enjoying the music.
She opened her eyes as Patrick sat down the grass. He opened his guitar case and tried to follow her notes. Together they played for a while, testing the artistic skills of the other one. Patrick needed to admit, she was better. Rubbing his fingers, Patrick rose.

"That was great." Patrick nodded approvingly.

"Thank you."

"I'm Patrick."

"Dr. May, I know. Nice to meet you." Josephine shook the offered hand.

"I hope we'll repeat this."

"Me too."

Opening Credits:

Points: 105

  • Meta: 800 = 40

  • Icons: 7 = 14

  • Drabble: 200 = 2

  • Medium Graphics: 8 = 24

  • Large Graphics: 1 = 4

  • PicSpam: 18 = 9

  • Gif: 6 = 12

When you want to find out more about Caputh, Albert Einstein, Potsdam and lake Schwielow and how everything matches together just be a scientist and make a research (or ask me).

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