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TV Universe: 1 x 05 - That's How it Ends?!

1 x 05 - That's How it Ends?! of the tv_universe landcomm.

In honor of many of the shows we watch coming to an end - temporarily or permanently - this challenge will focus on season finales! Those moments that sent you flying of the couch; holding your breath for three months; or still sobbing in a corner, ten years later.

That's How it Ends?!

First I hadn't a plan what to do for this challenge. I like so many shows and there are even more finales. Of course Criminal Intent came to my mind. But I wrote at least two or three drabbles about the wonderful last scene of Bobby and Alex and their ride into the sunset. I know they still fight crime in the streets of New York City. I just pretend all the Alex at SVU, firefighter dating and special forces Lieutenant happens in a parallel universe.
V wasn't an end, but they had to stop. Fringe got a good last season and I loved that AltOlivia and Lincoln had such a good live. The TWD finale of season one and two was great but the one of S3 was unsatisfying after such a long go. I wanted a war and not a 5 minutes fight.
As I visited tracys_dream's entry for this challenge I told her I didn't know what to do, but in the moment I got her reply a flash of inspiration hit me.
Six Feet Under...the best finale scene of all times. I ended to look for a clip of this scene. I told me, don't cry. But of course I cried again. Six Feet Under was a great show and to adapt the leitmotiv with the time cards of the Dead of the week for the main characters was just brilliant, beautiful and oh so sad.

Ruth Death photo Ruth-Death_zps337a2a08.gif Ruth Card photo Ruth-Card_zps71b7ead9.gif

Keith Death photo Keith-Death_zpsd35b6000.gif Keith Card photo Keith-Card_zpse4845d80.gif

David Death photo David-Death_zpsafc1543f.gif David Card photo David-Card_zps5365f87c.gif

Rico Death photo Rico-Death_zps5b8aaa0a.gif Rico Card photo Rico-Card_zps25d5b65b.gif

Brends Death photo Brenda-Death_zps8d203aa2.gif Brenda Card photo Brenda-Card_zps88feace9.gif

Claire Death photo Claire-Death_zpsc8857668.gif Claire Card photo Claire-Card_zps446a5005.gif

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