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TV Universe: 1 x 08 - Holy Team-ups, Batman!

 1 x 08 - Holy Team-ups, Batman! for the tv_universe landcomm.

Have you ever looked at two different good or bad guys from two different fandoms and thought: "Dude, they would be awesome together!" Well, now they can! For this challenge, you will be taking your favorite good guys and bad guys (but don't mix them! Good and good, bad and bad) and either make an image or write a fic with them. Whichever you prefer. Your team-ups can be as serious or cracky as you want, but they must come from two different canons/fandoms.

Extra Challenge:

+ Your extra challenge, should you accept it, is to pit your two main challenge teams against each other! Either via a graphic, 500X500 minimum, or a 400 word minimum fic.

I was looking for Alex Eames's Batman quote (Brother's Keepers) everywhere but couldn't. Damn, why not checking the original source, Antje? Okay, now the extra graphic is perfect.

Bobby Goren with the help of Sherlock Holmes against their two nemesis Nicole Wallace and Jim Moriarty.

[click to enlarge]

image nameimage name

Tags: artwork, criminal intent, landcomm, sherlock
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