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TV Universe: 1 x 04 - Big Bang Inspirations

1 x 04 - Big Bang Inspirations for the tv_universe landcomm.

I struggled very long with this Big Bang. But somehow in the last week, I collected all 100 points so quick and easy. I wonder myself this Big Bang is all about new shows I discovered the last months or even days.

icons: 5 = 5 points
tumblr graphics: 4 = 60 points
picspam: 1x11+ images = 20 points
writing: 100 words+200-500 words = 15 points

I had two ideas for fanfiction. I only add my concept/META here because I know I wouldn't manage to formulate my ideas and send them to a beta in time. Click on the graphics to see them in full size.

There was a 5 € coupon at Shirtinator.de. I used the offer to make me a new Norman shirt and created a Cigarette Burns/La Fin Absolue du Monde mix. In the end I realized that John Carpenter's Masters of Horror entry was a TV production and I could use the graphic for the Big Bang.

Inspiration: ANGST
image name

Hart of Dixie is my new fix.

Inspiration: Come a Little Bit Closer


Zoe Hart & Lavon Hayes = ♥???

I know, they are friends, the best. I love to watch this friendship grow every week, but deep down I need to confess, Zoe and Lavon would make a damn hot couple.

I guess it's the height difference. Look at them. Cress Williams is 6'4 (1,96 m) and Rachel Bilson 5'2 (1,57 m). This tickles my eternal Goren & Eames shipping. The sibling feelings card was played, too. Of course, I fall for...
...there is no escape.

To satisfy this dirty secret I went to the M section of ff.net to read steamy stuff of two heated bodies unite in the humid SOUTH of Alabama. What did I found? One - yes you count right - 1 romance story with Lavon and Zoe and it is T rated. The story is good and well written, but it's more about love and longing and no smut at all.

Does this mean I need to write it myself? Jippy, I always love to write hot fanfiction. But how to get these two together for a few steamy hours in the Master Bed of the Major's Plantation without to destroy their friendship? Of course I could write just smut, but when writing sex, I prefer to add at least a reason why the characters hook up and adding a little story around. Otherwise it would be just porn. Not that this is bad...I love to extend the hot stuff and describe the lovemaking with great details but I also need the why.

How would it be, between Zoe and Lavon? How to start? You need to know I'm just into season one. I don't know about Zoe & Wade and Lavon & Annabeth, see no complications. Yes, Lavon knows about Wade's feelings and even supports him. Plus there is still the longing for Lemon. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit complicated.

I can imagine a long walk through the park or along the ocean, then entering the kitchen of the plantation. A gaze, a touch, a sigh? Zoe hadn't sex for a long time, Lavon neither. Lavon carrying Zoe in his strong arms toward his bedroom. Of course he needs to carry her. I need, that he carries her. Placing her onto creamy silk sheets, slow undressing, endless kisses, steamy sex, pleasure, gentleness.

The next morning they should wake up with a smile on their lips. They are relaxed and happy. No love, just satisfaction in the save arms of a friend. Both can step back to the point they came. No loosing respect and even more friendship.

I also discovered Grimm lately. Monroe is so hot!

Inspiration: Double Exposure
image name

I'm a big fan of Seth Gabel and his Lincoln Lee character of Fringe. But I would love to see him as The Count in Arrow. Let's see if German TV will ever air this show.

Inspiration: first big blue texture
image name

German Free TV showed the first season of Misfits last weekend. Next weekend they'll air the second season. I really like the UK show. It's strange and different and cool.

Inspiration: Family
Simon Alisha Kelly Nathan Curtis

At least back to very well known regions.


Summer finally arrived my city and stayed for two or three days before pissing off again. Nevertheless the burning sun brought me the first Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier fanfiction idea for months. Finishing my PhD thesis is overdue. I want to write a little drabble of Carol getting a bad sunburn and Daryl offering a wet shirt to calm her burned skin. Then I saw this awesome inspiration image (pointing up)...this would fit perfect to have a little bit more story around this sunburn idea. Why not sending Daryl and Carol on a supply run (I know it's used so often, but I never wrote it myself). On the way back, they need to cross this bridge. Maybe on Daryl's bike, or very careful with a trailer full of stuff and things ;o) They need a long time and Carol got too much sun.

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