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TV Universe: 1 x 10 - Who Said What Now?

1 x 10 - Who Said What Now? for the tv_universe landcomm.

First we had to collect favorite quotes and then making graphics and fics. Unbelievable how many quotes fit to The Walking Dead.

Fry, Futurama

Will Graham, Hannibal

Bay Kennish, Switched at Birth

Jess Day, New Girl

Flavor: Criminal Intent
Characters: Alex Eames + Bobby Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 223
A/N1: Post Purgatory
A/N2: With beta help of my friend gorengal.

Alex Eames wiped away the single tear drop on her cheek and pressed the SEND button of her cell phone before entering the subway. 'I've spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but do you know what? I am good,' digitized and was transferred to her partner's phone. Partner or ex-partner, who knew? Maybe tomorrow would be brighter again, but for now she was pissed and disappointed. At least Alex took off the rest of the week. A few days cooling off should help.


Bobby Goren sank against the elevator walls while the doors closed. He rubbed his eyes and switched off his cell. Finding the dead rat in his desk had been a shock at first, but now it felt more like a puzzle to solve. But this message from Eames made him unspeakably sad.

She was never number two for him, or his water carrier. She was an important part of their successful partnership, and she completed him.

But deep down Bobby agreed. He had been a horrible partner, especially during this last case. Eames had covered his ass several times. A simple sorry wasn't enough, but Bobby doubted getting away with a few Margaritas either.

On the way to his car he had an idea. Bobby switched on his phone again. Hopefully Alex would agree.

Tags: artwork, criminal intent, fanfiction, landcomm, melissa mcbride, norman reedus, the walking dead
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