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TV Universe: 1 x 11 - Breaking News!

1 x 11 - Breaking News! for the tv_universe landcomm.

Breaking News is everywhere! Even in your fandoms. For this challenge, give us some Breaking News as it would happen in your shows. This can be as serious or as cracky as you want. You can be as minimal or as complex as you feel necessary, though we don't want the story surrounding the breaking news, we just want the breaking news as if you're reading it in a newspaper or seeing it on a major news network. If you want, you can get into how the news anchors are discussing the news. Are they waiting for the facts, are they guessing, are they assuming, or, if they're anything like CNN, making it up?

Thunderstorm over the City - Misfits

Black and majestic clouds at the sky, a storm with flashes in the air and basket ball big hailstones hit our city yesterday noon. The not explainable nature wonders destroyed many cars and cause much more damage. As if by a miracle no people got hit by the growlers but the emergency rooms reported of several burns because of lightening strokes. The clustering of these injuries is alarming but no one got killed.

Leading meteorologist can't explain the weather and internationally recognized physicians not the one hundred per cent of lightening strokes survivors. What is going on in our hometown?

Bluebell Voted! - Hart of Dixie

Congratulation Lavon Hayes! Bluebell's triumphant ex-NFL football player won the Mayor election yesterday night after a dramatic count. Mr. Hayes will run our great city for the next four years.

Lavon Hayes promised to strengthen the native economy in spirit of Bluebell's traditions. We hope the new major will remain true to himself and honor his campaign pledges.

From good authority, we know that Lavon already moved into the majestic mayor's plantation. His work at the City Hall will start Monday morning. All residents are called to visit the consultation-hour (Tuesday 9-11 am, Thursday 3-5 pm) to make suggestions for more growing of Bluebell.

Weekly News - The Walking Dead

Dear people of Woodbury. We can announce that we have two new citizen. Barbara and Hank are the new parents of little Eric (born February 3rd). Two days later Mary Ann saw the light of the day. She is the daughter of William and Joanne.

Sunday there will be the next fight club night. Visit all to the arena to see an exciting game.

Our walls are strong, the patrols without leaks. No dead men attacked our save home. Our great Governor protects you.

We need a few volunteers to make a supply run. We're low on gas and drugs. Get in touch with Martinez if you want to help.

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