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TV Universe: 1 x 12 - In Memorium

1 x 12 - In Memorium for the tv_universe landcomm.

Do you have a favorite television actor, actress, or TV character that has passed on? We all do. Those moments in the news when you hear someone has died and you feel like you've been punched in the gut or those moments when you are watching your favorite show and suddenly your favorite character is killed? Ack! The feels! In this challenge, you can do a memorial image or a meta-fic about TV actors/actresses OR TV characters that have died. This is your chance to express your feelings about the loss in either art or words.

My entry is for Carroll O'Connor. I so liked him playing Chief Bill Gillespie in 'In the Heat of the Night'. It was a big chock for me as I saw the 2002 Academy Awards and seeing his face in the slide show of the 'in memory' section. I hadn't heard of it and made me sad.

 photo Carroll-OConnor_zps94136eaa.gif

I thought we just need to find 10 pictures and make something nice. So I thought, okay I'm done with this challenge. But asking again the mods, I found out the collage would just count for one entry. It's not enough time to make four more graphics but the sudden dead of Dennis Farina yesterday let me at least repeat my idea once.

 photo Dennis_zps0888406c.gif

Jippy we got one more day for this challenge.

John Ritter - I'm always easy with tears when TV gets emotional. I even choke at this 'I am a Nikon' commercial. 8 Simple Rules ... for Dating My Teenage Daughter was just a Saturday distraction. But I remember I cried the whole episode as they include the real dead of John Ritter, who played Paul Hennessy. I know I checked the web after watching the episode to find out that Mr. Ritter really lost a battle against a heart attack. He also played JD's dad. I guess the producers of Scrubs also included the dead but can't say for sure.

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