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TV Universe: 1 x 17 - First Favorites

1 x 17 - First Favorites for the tv_universe landcomm.

We all have those first fandoms that either sucked us in, or sent us down the path of being a fan. We want to know what those firsts are! Answer these five questions with either graphics or Meta. However you choose. You can even do both if you want! You'll get points based on the answer, not how much you answer.

Bobby und Alex S07 06

1: First Fandom – Why trying to remember my teen TV days when the answer is Criminal Intent? It was the first show where I did more than watching. I read and wrote ff. I made tons of icons and I joined social networks to connect with other fans. I guess this is the definition of fandome.
2: First Favorite Character – It’s easy when staying with CI. Alex Eames of course. My blog is dedicated to Kathryn Erbe. I’m so happy. In September I’ll have the chance to see her live on stage acting in an off-Broadway production.
3: First OTP - Bobby Goren & Alex Eames over all my other ships. And when you know me, I have MANY! I can’t explain it. It’s just a feeling that Bobby and Alex are just perfect for each other. Of course it’s not an only sunshine relation and partnership but that makes it even more real. In my mind they still fight crime in the streets of New York City. The SVU extra was nice, but I don’t accept it for my head cannon ;o)
4: First Fannish Crush – I never thought someone could replace Vincent D’Onofrio. I went to film festivals to watch his movies. He is still one of my most favourite actors. But damn Norman Reedus. Mister, you really killed me. For over a year now my mind is full of you and your work but also you and even more of you…
…it was a pleasure to meet you in person.
God, I constructed a full universe in my mind with him. Vincent never got that close ;o)
5: First Fandom that Broke Your Heart – Broke my heart? No, it’s just tv, says and sit in a dark corner to weep. Maybe the biggest crack in the ideal CI world was the out of order showing of season 8 and the two opening ‘Loyalty’ episodes of season nine. It was a shame how TPTB treated their main actors which made this show such a success and also how OOC they wrote Alex and Bobby, placing even more content holes. But I need to say at least we got season 10. Kathryn and Vincent came back to Criminal Intent and rounded the ten years with exciting but also fluffy eight episodes. Plus we'll never get to see bloppers :o(

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