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TV Universe: 1 x 19 - Shark Week Special - Make a Syfy Shark Movie

1 x 19 - Shark Week Special - Make a Syfy Shark Movie for the tv_universe landcomm.

It's Shark Week! And I can't let that go by on this landcomm! This is me! This Shark Week was preceeded by a Shark of another color. Sharknado. If you didn't see it, it's basically what it says on the tin. Sharks in a tornado. Well, primarily, sharks in very large waterspouts, but still... :) What you're going to do for this challenge is create a bad syfy shark movie. Sound fun? Good! We want at minimum a title, a 80-100 word synposis of your "plot", and your cast of at least 5 characters/actors to play them.

My entry is not as funny as I planned it and I think too much to think about for this landcomm entry.

Syfy and HAVERS Network unite to present the biggest drawn shark adventure of all times.


For millions of years they were the kings of the oceans. The big family of sharks. They range the deep blue sea on their elegant raids.

Chuck was always a poser but the ladies like his witty charm. Especially Chiara kept an eye on him. She thought he could be the father of her son, Jimmy. But Andy could be the father as well. Who knew for sure?

One day Simon, the leader of the group hobbled back to their home, the beautiful Great Barrier Rive. he was all bloody and injured.

There was a new enemy on earth who could mean the end of everything.

With the voice of:

Gary Sinise as Simon,

Kathryn Erbe as Chiara,

Adam Brody as Jimmy,

with Scott Caan as Adam,

and Norman Reedus as Chuck.

Tags: artwork, kathryn, landcomm, norman reedus
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