havers (havers) wrote,

TV Universe: 1 x 20 - Genderbend Recasts

1 x 20 - Genderbend Recastsfor the tv_universe landcomm.

Based on many landcomm challenges it's time for recasting. But this time, we want you to genderbend the characters. For example, recast Daryl Dixon as a female character, or Temperance Brennan as a man. We want you to do at least a 5-6 image picspam. One of the images needs to be the character you are recasting, since not everyone is familiar with all characters.

I re-casted three great characters all with TWD actors.

Laurie Holden as Ben Sherman - Southland

Norman Reedus as Kelly Bailey - Misfits

Melissa McBride as Titus Pullo - Rome

Tags: landcomm, melissa mcbride, norman reedus, picspam, rome, southland, the walking dead
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