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TV Universe: 1 x 15 - Mediums Bingo

1 x 15 - Mediums Bingo for the tv_universe landcomm.

It was bingo time and we could finish on the one hand a writing card or on the other hand an artwork card. But both sides had so many cool possibilities. So I decided to make a few extra points and finishing both sets.

I never wrote a Haiku and my last own poem is far far away and was some school duty. With this challenge I tried to cover as many tv shows as possible. I don't manage 18 but 16 is pretty good in my eyes.

I'm very late with this challenge, especially the writing part. So I only had time to pass the drabble to a beta check. gorengal was so kind. I hope you'll have fun with the other writing as well.

Yeah, I could continue with my smutie Lavon and Zoe thoughts.

Bingo - artwork Bingo - writing

image name

image name

Drabble: TWD

Title: Hula Hoop

The safety class was over. Daryl Dixon saw all the kids run over the court. Some of the boys and girls practiced immediately with weapons of wood to kill walkers. But a few took other toys.

Their teacher left the prison-building afterwards. She was proud of her class. First, she had to stop two boys who were a little too wild with the knives. Then she joined a group of girls with hula-hoops.

Carol managed to rotate the hoop between her hips and waist longer than all the girls. But as she saw Daryl, she blushed and the game ended.

Script-form: Hart of Dixie


Zoe and Lavon enter the kitchen. They are soaked. They laugh.


She runs her hands trough her wet hair, wrings her shirt.
Lavon gets out of his dress shirt. He gets a towel and steps in front of Zoe.

I like you this way.
(Raises his eye brows. Smiles)

He starts to run the towel carefully over Zoe's face and shoulders. She gulps, bits her lips, looks deep in Lavon's eyes.

It was a wonderful night. (Break) Beside the rain. But I really liked our date.

Her finger follows a single raindrop over Lavon's naked chest.

It don't need to end now.

He bends down to kiss her softly on trembling lips.
Dropping the towel.
Zoe kisses back.

Should I stop?

No (whispering)

She shakes her head.
Lavon lifts Zoe up, one arm under her back - the other under her legs. She wraps her arms around his neck. He carries her toward his bedroom. Kicks the door open.
They laugh and kiss and gasp on the way.

On the bed is a heart of pink and white rose petals. A bottle of champagne and two glasses are on a small table.

Lavon? Oh my, amazing.

He gleams of pride.

When did you organize?

I'm the Major.

He sets her carefully onto the bed.
The screen fades to black.
Laughing and kissing noises.

Haiku - TWD

The fiery glow,
cold night and burning barn,
the dead rebellion.

6 words story - Midsomer Murders

Hidden distain, village-fête: another Midsomer Murder.

One Sentence: Dexter

Night rolls over Miami and I start killing the bad again.

Epistolery: Grimm

Dear Diary,
I got up around 6:30 today. Spend nearly two hours with yoga. What a great way to start my day. After a delicious breakfast with a grass and mango smoothie and two cream cheese beagles I left home and went to the shop.
At the morning I cleaned two cuckoo clocks but at noon Mr. Herbert passed by. He left his dear Lucille for a serious cleaning. As I opened her gold body and the blazing rubies welcomed me, time stood still.
I didn't even hear Nick as he entered. He needed again information. Some new monster visited Portland and made trouble. He already should have learnt to use his own books for studies. But okay, little Marderschleicher can be bastards. I could help him, again.
At the afternoon I picked up my Beatle from its big inspection. I made a car wash so it glows for my date tonight. I really hope Rosalee will like the new vegetarian restaurant I found at Hawthorne Boulevard. After dinner we can go for a walk at Mt. Tabor City Park. Oh yes, I'm really looking forward to our date tonight. Maybe Rosalee will spend the night with me.
Sincerely yours,

Meta: Character shipping and naming

Oh yes I do it. I ship fictional characters with each other. I'm not picky if book or tv. Lately I saw a comment on tumblr ‘do you ever realize that we spend our days hoping imaginary people will kiss each other’ oh dear, so true. Sometimes I also ship myself with one or the actor behind (hello Mr. Reedus). Maybe my only limitation is that the characters need to be from the same fandome. I can't put Alex Eames together with Daryl Dixon. Well maybe I can. I need to think about it ;o)
My friend citjara always referred to a shipper gene (she doesn't own). I also can't explain it. With some characters there is just this thing. I also don't do it with every show I watch.
I never shipped Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens, but I thought Nick Vera and Cat Miller had been adorable together. I didn't ship Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson but Bobby Goren and Alex Eames will always be my One True Paring.
The only thing I don't get: shipping names. Thank God there was never a Goren and Eames name. Of course I shorten it to B&A. But to read Carly send cold showers down my spine, and not in a good and steamy way. I love the idea of Carol and Daryl so much but to mix two names to one word is just something I would never come up myself. Okay, some combinations are nice but the main...
[Only exception: McReedus...this is really a super cute combination to refer to Melissa's and Norman's friendship]

Dialogue only: L&O: CI + references to Jo

"It's me, Bobby."
"Hey Bobby, how are you?"
"What, you frighten me, Bobby. What's wrong?"
"Please have a seat."
"Bobby, you..."
"I got a call today."
"A call?"
"A call from Jo Saint-Clair.”
"Jo Stain-Clair?"
"Commander Jo Stain-Clair, Homicide Paris."
"Why you are called by the French police?"
"He read all our reports. Saw the contact notes."
"All right?"
"You really have a seat, Eames?"
"Yes, I rest on my couch."
"Oh God...no!"
"Nicole Wallace."
"No, no, no."
"Nicole was in Paris."
"We found her heart Bobby. We found her fucking heart in a cooler. In this damn honeymoon suit."
"I know."
"The DNA matched."
"I know."
"Dr. Rodgers checked it trice."
"I know."
"I know, Eames. Declan killed her."
"I don't know."
"I need a drink."
"Make it straight."
"Eames, are you still there?"
"We need to."
"Fly to Paris. I already booked two flights. Take off from JFK in three hours. I meet you at the airport, gate 4."
"How is this possible?"
"I don't have a clue? I hope Saint-Clair can shed light on the whole situation. But he sent a photo. It's her!"
"See you at the airport in an hour."
"Bobby, we have no competence in Paris, Europe, or wherever this bitch is right now."
"I know Eames, but I don't care."

Poem: Rome


Courage – Brotherhood – Fight
Blood – Pain – Loss
Triumphant over Gaul and the Heathen
From all over the known World
For the Glory of Rome

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