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TV Universe: 1 x 21 - Movie to TV

1 x 21 - Movie to TV for the tv_universe landcomm.

There are some TV shows that started out as movies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate, Teen Wolf for example, and they all made successful TV series. So for this challenge, I want you to take a movie, any movie (that is *not* directly related to a current or past TV series), and turn it into a TV series. I'm going to give you some options and you can pick at least three. Any combination.

In my eyes one of the best challenges of this landcomm. Really great finale for a wonderful season. Thank you bizarra and erinm_4600 for so much fun. I had liked to have much more time for this challenge to make it special. [I casted 4 new characters because the movie is only a 3 people play.]

Dark Harbor

Note: If you plan to watch Dark Harbor, please don't read this entry. You'll spoil you with the amazing and twisted end of this wonderful film.

You can find a detailed synopsis of the movie here. I suggest to read it, when you didn't know the movie.


Havers Network presents Dark Harbor, the new mini-series starring Norman Reedus and Jack Johnson. The tv adaptions of Adam Coleman Howard same title movie follows the cat and mouse game of The Stranger and Detective Bay seventeen years later. Have a first exclusive look at our new show concept.

Norman Reedus plays the stranger. We won't find out his name in the whole season. He took over David Weinbergs lawyer office and is a respected member of the island community.

David Weinberg
Judd Hirsh plays David Weinberg. David died under mysterious circumstances seven years ago. (We'll only see him in flashbacks.)

Taraji P. Henson plays Joleen Mortimer. Joleen is the fiancée of the Stranger. They are in a relationship for two years now and live in an old restored light house. Joleen is the most successful estate agent of Haroldsburg and the whole island. Her first husband Ben died a few years ago of an infection he got during a routine hospital stay.

Jack Johnson plays Frederick Bay. The former SFPD Homicide Detective was transfer to Haroldsburg, Maine for disciplinary reasons. He has a hard time to integrate to the island community. But time after time he unfolds all the murderous layers around the Stranger's existence even when Major St. James somehow held a protecting hand over the charming man.

Cynthia Nixon plays Sarah Bellinger. Sarah is the new partner of Frederick Bay. The Detective was also a school day friend of Alexis Chandler. She hadn't notice all the death around The Stranger, but always thought there was something wrong around her suicide. She never trusted David Weinberg. With the arrival of Frederick new ambition hit her and she tries to stop her alcoholism.

George Clooney plays Rodger St. James. Rodger is the major of Haroldburg. He tries everything to protect his city but also himself and his position. He doesn't like the success of Joleen and hidden envy surrounds him. The arrival of Frederick and the aroused police interest at the Stranger makes Rodger suspicious.

I - Engagement:
Detective Frederick Bay arrives at Maine. He rents the beautiful house of Alexis Chandler Weinberg from Joleen Mortimer. Because of lack of police work at the tiny island he tries to disclose the secret around the mysterious Weinberg estate and the two deaths of Alexis and David.
The Stranger and Joleen get engaged onto the ferry where they met two years ago for the first time.
As the Stranger hears of Frederick's investigations he insists on the Major to have an eye on the new cop.

IV - Wedding:
Joleen and the Stranger celebrate a big party with all their friends to share their luck. In the same time Major St. James left the island for a conference.
The Detectives Bay and Bellinger suspects that David Weinberg stood behind the death of his wife. They also believe that the Stranger was the secret lover of David. It's the only possibility how he could be a partner at his lawyer office and take over the business after David's death.

VIII - Funeral:
Joleen's death makes the Stranger to the most influential business man of Haroldburg, but he can't enjoy his success for a long time. Of course he is sad after her accident, drowning in the ocean after falling off the ferry.
Bay and Bellinger are really sure now that the Stranger involved in Alexis and Davis Weinberg's deaths as well as the death of Joleen's first husband, Ben. As they want to arrest him they arrive too late to the ferry. The Stranger and Rodger St. James are on the lam. Will Rodger tame the Stranger or will he be his next victim in raising his wealth and success?

Fan Campaign:

Find out the next victim of The Stranger and the dark enmeshment around him and his deadly love life. Are you on the same spot of our show-writers or is your mind even more twisted?
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