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TV Universe: 2 x 03 - Charloft Prompts

2 x 03 - Charloft Prompts for the tv_universe landcomm.

Here we go, phase 2.

For this challenge we got two prompts:
Prompt 1:
List five monsters that you faced at some point in your life. These can be either literal or metaphorical monsters. Villains or adversaries can also count as monsters.
Prompt 2:
Tonight, two to five hundred words on the ins and outs of a successful partnership.

We could do graphics or write little drabbles to fulfill the duty. I really wanted to write something, but graphic making is so much easier. So here we go with 2 monsters and 3 relationships.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and Walker Merle...watch the scene at see Daryl's heart break.

Criminal Intent: Alex Eames & Bobby Goren...I just imagine them together and this is a wall at their living room. (click to enlarge)
image name

Medium: Allison & Joe Dubois...one of the best marriages at TV.

Downton Abbey: Anna & John Bates...perfect, just perfect.

Scrubs: The Janitor & JD...I guess they are each other's monster. Click to enlarge.
image name

Tags: animation, artwork, criminal intent, downton abbey, header/banner, landcomm, medium, picspam, scrubs, the walking dead
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