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TV Universe: 2 x 06 What if ...

2 x 06 What if... for the tv_universe landcomm.

What if... your favorite show was another genre? What if Once Upon a Time was a sitcom, or The Walking Dead was a teen drama show? What we want you to do, is pick a show and change it's genre. We did this challenge in tvrealm and it was a lot of fun. It makes you think! This time we want you to do both, writing and graphics (but don't worry, it's easy! Just give us a quick 4-6 image picspam and about 100-200 words describing your genre changed show.

Oh yes this was very funny. I made CI as Hospital soap opera you can find here.

Grimm as Animal Documentary

Discover havers network's new documentary around zoologist Dr. Nicolas Burkhardt and the vet Dr. Juliette Silverton. They will attended by their loyal companion Blutbaden dog Monroe. All three will travel around the world to discover exotic animals.
They follow tracks of Fuchsbau in the eternity of the tundra. They observe the mating habits of Bauerschweins. How do Coyotl hunt? Nick will dance with Geier under the burning sun of Africa and Juliette will conjure Königschlangen in the Amazonas jungle.
Now and then Nick and Juliette have to come home to report Prince Jean Renard and his assitent Hank. But this way they find a big Eisbiber colony only a few yards behind their house.

Crossing Lines as Science Fiction

Follow Major Louis Daniel and his brave interstellar crew of the starship CDC Crossing Lines through the infinity of our milky way. Havers Network ventures its first SciFi adventure starring Donald Southerland, Marc Lavoine and William Fichtner.
How will the different species of Earth, Alpha Centauri, Menchih, Rad Thadum and Kajam work together to discover new solar systems with viable planets? All five races have nearly destroy and riffled their home planets and now look for new habitats. Can they arrange and will share new resources in the Union or will everyone just look for the own advantage. What will happen when they meet other creatures? Find out soon.

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