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TV Universe: 2 x 05 - Theme Park

2 x 05 - Theme Park for the tv_universe landcomm.

Your favorite show is getting a prime spot at your local theme park!

Theme Park: Jacob's & Wilhelm's Adventure Land

Come and visit the Grimm universe. Have fun! It will be full of adventures! Stay over night with your whole family in one of our old fashioned silver camper.

Das Hexenhaus - Visit the rotating witch-house and enjoy the optical illusion. Are you circling on your fixed chair or circles the house and all the bewitched interior around you?

Morph into Wesen - Children of all age can morph into their favorite grimm wesen. You can be a Balam, Fuchsteufelwild or Löwenzahn. Our makeup artists will change your face and the costume crew dress you into the right fur.

Tincture - You're in the middle of an labyrinth. Which tincture you have to drink at which barrier to find the exit?

Tags: artwork, grimm, landcomm
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