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TV Universe: 2 x 08 - That Other Guy

2 x 08 - That Other Guy for the tv_universe landcomm.

Every show has a 'that guy' (or gal) - the one who's there, but always stays in the background. Sometimes they have a quick line when they deliver the mail, like Judy at the Las Vegas Crime Lab; other times they're just playing the piano, like Brad at William McKinley High School. For this challenge, we're putting them in the spotlight!

Sorry no beta read. I'm in vacations.

Flavor: Criminal Intent

It was the usual Tuesday morning chaos. The subway ride from Queens was bearable, but as I changed at Bleecker into the 6 line pure horror. Why are the Manhattan MTA trains always crowded and not to stand at all during the rush hour? There are the glittering night owls, dull commuters with their chai latte, busy Wall Street Wannabees and tourists. Tourists! Why they didn’t stay at home and not occupy the last free seat?

I nearly was stuck by a big dark SVU on the short walk over to One Police Plaza. These were the moments I miss the black uniform and my notebook to pass tickets to every disable driver who annoyed me.

Of course the detector at the safety gate of the headquarter picked me up for a closer inspection. How I hate this. At least the elevator to the 11th floor had arrived as I tied my shoes again.

Goren was at his desk. What else? He was always the first at Major Case. God forgive if he would miss an important case. I got my coffee and made a short visit at the captain’s office. Two new files to the dozen on my desk. This city really never slept and never stopped to kill their citizens.

I sank on my chair and started to study the new cases. Then the day brighten, she came finally to work. It was 8:30 and Detective Alexandra Eames entered the squad room. She nodded to her partner, unwrapped of her coat and passed me a big smile.

“Good morning Jefferies.”

Tags: criminal intent, drabble, fanfiction, landcomm
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