havers (havers) wrote,

TV Universe: 2 x 14 - Spock's Goatee

2 x 14 - Spock's Goatee for the tv_universe landcomm.

For some Halloween chills, we're going to pull a switch! Your heroes are now the villains, and the villains are now the heroes. For example, Robert Goren is the villain. Or Morden is the hero of the story. You can take any hero and make them a villain or any villain and make them the hero. You can do this via either fic or art.

This challenge was hard for me. I couldn't think of anyone for it. But yesterday I finally got a tiny mind lightening.

Six Richard Brook icons...or is it Jim Moriarty?

Richard Brook 1 Richard Brook 2 Richard Brook 3 Richard Brook 4 Richard Brook 5 Richard Brook 6

Tags: artwork, icons, landcomm, sherlock
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