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TV Universe: 3 x 06 - New Year's Resolutions

3 x 06 - New Year's Resolutions for the tv_universe landcomm.

For this challenge we had to come up with five New Year's Resolutions for tv characters. To gain some extra points we had to speculate if the characters can keep their resolutions.

Robert Goren (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)
Step back a little and letting my partner sing the aria in the interrogation room to break the perps.

First it's unfamiliar for Goren and Eames to change the positions but Alex liked the new duty more and more. But after a few months Bobby will get squirrelly more often around the suspects which breaks Alex's concentration and concepts. In the end Alex will give up and they move back to their old role allocations.

Olivia Pope (Scandal)
No more white clothes.

Olivia is clever. She tells her colleagues about her resolution and every time she will arrive at work in white clothes she has to pay the lunch and baking a cake for the whole team. In mid February everyone gained 5 pounds. But the winter sales at Urban Chic and Hu's Shoes really breaks Olivia.

Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead, pre-apocalypse)
Leaving Ed!

After Carol fixed the third shoulder dislocation by herself in one year she finally started to make plans for her and Sophia's leaving. She can't risk her daughter's youth and health. She got it all. A job at a local library, a tiny but clean trailer. Nothing fancy, but somewhere she could stay for the new start. Connections to a pro bono lawyer and a cop. Two days before she wanted to grab her and Sophia's stuff, Ed was so drunk he broke her jaw, one wrists and kicked so often in her soft belly she lost the baby and had to stay in hospital for over one month...

Zoe Hart (Hart of Dixie)
Giving Burt Reynolds a chance.

Zoe wants a better relationship to Lavon's pet alligator. She can't miss more appointments if she isn't allow to leave her cabin because Burt Reynolds takes a sun bath in front of her door. She starts to feed him in the morning and walk with him to his favorite pond after work. A new Bluebell friendship is growing.

Nick Miller (New Girl)

Even being in the relationship with Jess, the turtle face is Nick's normal facial expression. To show his girlfriend his happiness, Nick plans to smile more often. The first two weeks he has bad sore muscles. It's hard to endure Schmidt's Douchbag Jar filling sentences without to move back to his usual face.

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