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TV Universe: 4 x 8 - Casting Call

4 x 8 - Casting Call for the tv_universe landcomm.

For this challenge, we're going to become the casting director for a specific character!

Character Name: Silas Solomon
TV Show: Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul
Character Background:
Silas Solomon is Saul Goodman's nephew. He had studied at the Brown University and came back to Albuquerque as lawyer. He refused the offer of his uncle to join 'Better Call Saul' and opened his own law office. Because Silas learned from the best during summer jobs, Saul and him fight with poor TV spots and bench advertisement for traffic accident victims and neighborhood suits. As Silas found out about his uncle's connections to the dark side of New Mexico, he tried to have his foot in the door as well. Dangerous times for Silas will rise.

Silas Solomon

I picked up Adam Brody to represent Silas Solomon. I like his comedic talent and I guess it would be a pleasure to see him and Bob Odenkirk fight with words and text of law. But I also would like to see Adam as a serious and grown up business man. He looks great in a suit.
Tags: breaking bad, landcomm
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