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TV Universe: 4 x 11 - Favorites

4 x 11 - Favorites for the tv_universe landcomm.

We needed to pick up our favorites.

1: Favorite Fandom

I'm split between Criminal Intent and The Walking Dead. CI will be my eternal love but TWD is the new kid in town (which is already going into S5 in fall). I like to create artwork and write fanficion for both of them.

2: Favorite Character

Alex Eames - it's amazing how Kathryn Erbe created this character around the overwhelming Bobby Goren who can still shine.

3: Favorite OTP

Bobby & Alex (CI) and Daryl & Carol (TWD). Do you see the characters? A + B + C + D. Both pairings have this special bond and friendship. I always fall for relationships blooming from deep friendships. Nothing canon, of course. Very few of my ships became canon. I look at you Erica & Jack (V - Visitors) or Cat & Nick (Cold Case) or Mac & Stella (CSI:NY). But it always sweetened my nights to think of all the possibilities.

4: Favorite Villain

Jim Moriarty (BBC Sherlock). Just look at Andrew Scott's perfect acting. I like the combination of genius and madness. I can't wait to watch season three in six weeks.

5: Favorite Episode

4 x 14 The Grove (TWD) really highlighted Melissa McBride's overwhelming acting skills. She is always amazing, but here she had the whole 42 minutes of the episode to show.
In 6 x 01 Blind Spot (CI) we once again saw how strong Alex was. She didn't need anyone to rescue herself.

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