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4 x 05 - Challenge Redo! (b)

4 x 05 - Challenge Redo! for the tv_universe landcomm.

TWD: Montana

The Walking Dead: Montana is the first spin off of AMC's zombie hit show. The one hour long post-apocalyptic horror drama is again based on Robert Kirkman's graphic novel and produced by Gale Anne Hurd. Greg Nicotero (executive producer) and his team at the K.N.B. Effects Group will create the special effects. AMC is happy to announce that they could get L&O alumni René Balcer as co-writer and show runner.
In the tradition of TWD the Montana version will follow the two main characters Martin and Jessica Pruitt on their way through a new and dangerous world. The siblings will be challenged by the dead and alive who cross their path.

1. Main Characters
Jessica Pruitt played by Kathryn Erbe
Jessica had a good life in Helena with her husband Elliot and her two teenage daughters Elizabeth (13) and Teresa (17). She lost Elliot and Elizabeth in the first days as the dead started walking. The old tree house of her kids saved her and Teresa in the last second. They had to watch how the other half of their family was devoured alive. Mother and daughter spent one week in the tree until Martin showed up and they decide to leave for a safer place.
Jessica was a pharmacist and headed the drugstore of her father. But there is no time for research, surviving comes first.
Martin Pruitt played by Aaron Paul
Martin was the pet of the family but he always had a great relationship with his 13 years older sister. Because their parents died in a car crash as he was 17, Martin moved to Jess and her husband for his last high school year. It was the same year Jessica became mother for the first time and had to take over the family drug store.
Martin has no interest in science at all. After school he became a car mechanic. Before the world turned he owned a successful repair shop and car dealership in Billings. Looking for his family was his main motivation to come back to Helena as soon as possible and his skills were more than helpful to reach Helena.
Viho Sigo played by Eddie Spears
Viho is the first one Jess and Martin met on their road to nowhere and trusted. The calm Blackfeet banker shared his food and a bungalow with the Pruitt's for a few days without to think about it. As they decided to move on the siblings asked if Viho wanted to join them. The more eyes the better these days and no one can make it alone anymore. He was the one who gave them direction, the 180 miles away Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Glacier County at the border to Canada. He wanted to his family and maybe the known surrounding was a safer place than the open road. At least he hadn't forget about his roots and the survival with the nature. Even when knowing everything about modern economics and the world trade Viho was able to hunt, ride and track.
Victoria Sawyer played by Taraji P. Henson
Victoria was a nurse in Great Falls. She met the small group of survivors at the crossing of Choteau at half way to Viho's home. She rescued them from a group of marauders and rapists, who already planned to have a little 'fun' with Teresa and Jessica after killing Viho and Martin. They did the same with Victoria's group a couple of days before. They left her for dead in a dried-up streambed, the only survivor. A blessing in disguise no UnDead caught Victoria. After she dressed her wounds she wanted revenge and followed her attacker.
The sexual abuse changed the cheerful woman. She didn't opened up quickly to her new group, didn't tell much about her past.
Kevin McDonald played by David Spade
It was a miracle that Kevin survived even one week of the apocalypse. The janitor of a small town high school didn't step aside when accidents cross his way. There passed not one day he didn't hurt himself or broke something. He was also a magnet to the UnDead. But he is quick with a gun and a good shot.
Kevin met the group on the road north. They had a few bad days with continuous rainfall and no shelter. They were soaked to the skin and were starving. He invited them to his pick-up truck and drove them to Viho's home.

2. Writing

The first season of TWD: Montana is overshadowed by the travel of Martin, Jessica and their small growing group of survivors from Helena, the capitol of Montana, to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Glacier County at the border to Canada. It's a fight against people, dead and alive, a fight for a safe shelter and food. But it's also the fight against a merciless nature, the weather and the quicker coming winter.

1 x 01 - The end of past:
The Pruitts are a normal family: mom, dad, two kids. Everything is okay till there are more and more news about a quick spreading epidemic and the world changed. The UnDead populate the streets. Martin called his sister Jess to tell her he is on his way home but before he reached Helena Elliot (guest star Jake Weber) and Elizabeth are dead.

1 x 02 - Out of Helena:
Martin, Jess and Teresa try to find a way out of the city. Joan, their neighbor joins them. There is no trust in other people anymore. Cars burn, looting, violence and the danger of fresh flesh hunting dead people all around. At the end of a very bad day the small group finds shelter in a small house, Viho Sigo's house.

1 x 03 - On the road:
The Blackfeet around Chief Sigo upgrade their camp of survivors. They have to make plans for the coming winter.
Viho and the Pruitts are on their way north. They decided to move together to Viho's tribe. The skills of the young man help a lot to survive. But they doesn't help Joan who gets attacked by a UnDead from behind. Teresa keeps Joan's dog Charlie.

1 x 04 - Revenge:
Victoria Sawyer and her wife Dr. Holly Washington (guest star Tracie Thoms) had to leave Great Falls as power failed and the survival in cities became more difficult. They join a group of hospital colleagues. At Freezout Lake they were ambushed by a big group of outlaws around Mark Decker. They execute the men and rape the women before they kill them, too. As by a wonder Victoria survives the attack and follows her abuser and the killer of her wife and friends. As these plan to attack the next group, Viho and the Pruitts, Victoria shoot them all.

1 x 05 - Change:
Victoria has a big shock after the attack and her successful revenge. She awakes in a big farm house, the next stop of Martin and his group. Jess has renewed the bandages. Because Victoria has lost everything, she decided to join them.

1 x 06: Zero days without an accident.
It's a hard time for the small group. They can't find shelter or a working car. Plus it's getting colder and the rain never stopped. They have to run all the time. As they all think they will die, Kevin passes by and agrees to drive them to the Blackfeet reservation.

1 x 07 - Blackfeet:
The Blackfeet camp is ready for the coming winter. Chief Sigo already plans to extend the fences and ditches for more people and agriculture. They managed to reinstall civilization. Kids can go to school, there is a ward, a mess and a place for devotion. Chief Sigo finds also Anna Brock on an inspection round.

1 x 08 - Last stage:
The group of survivors arrive the Blackfeet camp. As they settle down the worst winter for the last 100 years comes over Montana.

3. Additional Characters
Teresa Pruitt played by Joey King
It was hard for Teresa to deal with the new circumstances and the death of her big sister and her dad. One day you chat with your friends and do shopping, the next day you run for your life. As her uncle Martin rescued them from the tree and they decide to move away from Helena, Teresa cut her long brown hair as sign for her grieve.
On their trip North it turned out that she was pretty good in finding clothes, weapons and food for their survival. But she missed the company of other teens. As the group reached the big camp of the Blackfeet, with civil structures like a school and a church, Teresa's lethargy decreased slowly and she can process her loss.
Joan Holman played by Lindy Booth
Joan is the longtime neighbor of Jessica and Elliot. She had a lot of boyfriends over the last decade but could never settle down with one of them. Only Charlie her setter never left. It was the UnDead version of her last boyfriend and even more of these things which ate Elliot and Elizabeth.
As Martin rescued his sister from the tree house and they make plans to leave Helena, Joan asks if she and Charlie can join. But she can't adapt quickly enough to the new circumstances, doesn't want to shoot or fight with a knife. Her end on the road is inevitable.
Wahkan Sigo played by Robert Beltran
Viho's father was the chief of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Glacier County. During the apocalypse he lost only a few people of his tribe because of the closeness to nature and the isolation of the reservation. The Blackfeet started to build a safe camp with high fences and deep ditches for themselves but they also invite their white neighbors to join them. Even Canadians crossed the border to find a shelter. But the more people join their camp, the harder to feed all of them. For the next spring they plan to extend their agriculture. The long and hard winters of Montana were another challenge.
Wahkan was more than happy to see his son and his new friends just right before the first snow of the year cover their no longer holy ground of his forefathers.
Mark Decker played by Jesse Williams
The apocalypse just arrived in time for Mark Decker. The UnDead gave him the best opportunity to live out his dreams and fantasies. It was so easy to gather like-minded around him and have a little fun. They raged through Montana and took everything they want: cars, fuel, food, women and life. Mark enjoyed to defile Holly and Victoria, seeing their fear and pain and them die through his hands. Sweet Teresa would be the next. He never expected that a woman would be his end. He was always looking forward, behind him was just death except for Victoria. She survived.
Anna Brock played by Lauren Socha
Anna is an artist student from Calgary. She got lost on her way to a Canadian reception camp, where she wanted to meet her family. As Wahkan discovered her on his northern territory, her foot is caught in a bear trap and she was surrounded by a horde of UnDead. He can rescue Anna but her foot is heavy damaged and a hypothermia didn't support the healing process very well. As Jessica and Victoria reach the camp of the Blackfeet their united medical knowledge can stop the sepsis.
Maybe Anna is not good in navigation but she learned quickly to differ eatable plants and her cross-country skiing skills will be useful in winter.

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