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TV Universe: 5 x 05W - Missing Moments

5 x 05W - Missing Moments for the tv_universe landcomm.

A character mentions something that happened off-screen. There's an event that occurred during the commercial break or scene change, to further the plot, but wasn't deemed important enough for us to see. Or someone starts to tell a story about that thing that happened that one time, and another character quickly changes the subject, to save themselves embarrassment.

Don't you just love those?

I just loved this challenge so much and with the tiny extra time we got, it was the perfect excuse to write again.

Prompt: Missing Moments 1
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Pairing: Daryl Dixon & Carol Peletier
Word Count: 169
Beta: Suzanne
Warnings: Takes place during 3 x 01 Seed.

"I'll go down first," Daryl said, and headed toward the edge of the tipped over bus.

"Even better!" Carol teased the hunter even more, and started to snicker. But she followed Daryl, climbed carefully step by step down to the ground. He waited, his hands hovering over her hips to catch her in case of a fall.

Both reached for the dish on top of the bus, their fingers brushed. The earlier teasing changed to blushing. They had come closer over the winter, had spent many hours together gun training and supply collecting. But even with all the ambiguous verbal exchanges there never had been more than a shoulder brush or a short touch, apart from their time together on Merle's bike. Did this count? They both had so much baggage and this new world didn't permit the time to reduce it.

Now they were safe for the first time in weeks. They were alone behind the bus. Should they risk taking the next step in their unique relationship?

Prompt: Missing Moments 2
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Character: Carol Peletier
Word Count: 137
Beta: Suzanne
Warnings: Takes place during 3 x 04 The Killer Within.

Blood, everywhere was blood and T-Dog was gone. He gave his life for her, to protect her, to go on in this new world. All she could do, to honor this last gift of her friend, was to survive. Carol stepped into the light with the knife in her hand. She was ready to fight and she fought with the courage of the lost.

Carol didn't count how often she forced the blade into the scull of the next walker. But her dangerous escape led her deeper and deeper into the prison catacombs.

She was covered in blood and guts. Her hands were so slippery and the knife was stuck in the jaw of this hungry thing.

The last way out became to a trap and a exhausted Carol waited for her end in a dark cell.

Prompt: Missing Moments 3
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Character: Carol Peletier
Word Count: 302
Beta: no beta yet
Warnings: Takes place during 1 x 03 Tell It to the Frogs.

The big reunion with the overwhelming twist was over. Amy and Andrea climbed up to RV to take the next watch shift, but the other survivors could hear their excited chatting in the whole camp. Dale also had a glance at the surrounding. Glenn sat back in the red sports car to re-experience his exciting drive. The extended Grimes' family and Shane needed to catch up on many hugs and also had much to talk about. They backed out in a calmer corner under the trees.

Carol enjoyed the light mood at the camp, especially without Merle's big mouth around. No one asked what happened but when his younger brother would be back from his hunt, he would demand answers.

As Carol noted Ed, with the next mortifying order for her on his lips, she quickly grabbed the other laundry basket and followed Jacqui down to the quarry. Someone else could prepare the supper tonight.

As the two women came back to the camp it already dawned. Ed sat relaxed by the fire but the next clothes to wash also waited.

"Not today," Jacqui groaned, and Carol nodded in agreement. It was late and they both had a long and hard day. Now was time to relax and eat something.

After a short night, Carol crawled out of her family's tent. She hadn't slept well lately, no wonder these days. She warmed water in a bowl for a lick and a promise. Still drowsy, Carol reached for the next laundry. The warm soap water would make it a little easier to clean.

Like usual, Carol checked the pockets of the uniform pants and produced a metallic ball.

"Gosh!" Carol gasped surprised. But she put the grenade in her purse. With all the children around, it was the safest place for the moment.

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