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TV Universe: 5 x 08W - They Come in Sevens

 5 x 08W - They Come in Sevens for the tv_universe landcomm.

I used four of the Seven Heavenly Virtues to write three little TWD and one L&O:CI drabble. Sorry, no beta yet. I decided in last moment to tackle this challenge.

Faith - belief in the right things (including the virtues!).
Hope - taking a positive future view, that good will prevail.

Charity - concern for, and active helping of, others.
Fortitude - never giving up.
Justice - being fair and equitable with others.
Prudence - care of and moderation with money.
Temperance - moderation of needed things and abstinence from things which are not needed.

Title: An own baby
Prompt: Seven Heavenly Virtues: Faith
Fandom: Criminal Intent
Pairing: Liz & Alex Eames
Word Count: 220
Rating: T
Warnings: Takes place somewhere in late season 2.

She had lost her faith two tries ago. Liz was sad, depressed and so desperate. Tears welled up in her eyes as another convulsion bent her body, expelling the so wanted life from her. Her sixth pregnancy was over long before the due day.
Liz had enough. No more hormone therapy, no more IVF, no more hoping and praying that the life inside her could stay for nine months. She accepted that she wouldn't have an own baby.


After the biggest grief and shock of the miscarriage was over Liz started to organize her life again. But even with all the pain of the failed pregnancies, the longing for a child didn't stop. Her husband was the best. He would support every of her decisions.
Liz was so nervous as she reached for the door bell. One more deep breath. It was ridiculous. She rang at her sister's door already a hundred times.
"Hi Liz, what a nice surprise." The warm smile of her younger sister calmed Liz at the moment. It gave her the courage to ask. "Come in. I had a long and exhausting day. Cheer me up," the tiny blonde said.
Liz stepped inside the house and reached for the hands of her sister. "Alex Eames, I have a very important and life-changing request for you."

Title: Say hello to Hope.
Prompt: Seven Heavenly Virtues: Hope
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Pairing: Daryl Dixon & Carol Peletier
Word Count: 211
Rating: T
Warnings: Will never take place, sniffle. Post S4.

Her pregnancy had difficult phases with back pain, cramps and panic attacks. But the nine months went smoothly most of the time. Even the birth ran without complications. A miracle in the fact of her age and all the problems during the pregnancy with Sophia. Now she shook her head, remembering her gynecologist who had told her another pregnancy could kill her and the baby.
Now it was over. Five hours of pain and in the end only happiness. Carol held her naked and crying newborn in her arms. She took her tiered eyes from the baby and smiled toward Daryl. The hunter looked totally exhausted and shocked. He missed the birth because of a supply run.
"Greet your daughter, Daryl. Say hello to Hope."
Daryl reached carefully for the newborn. She was so tiny and he was lost in her clear blue eyes within seconds.
"Oh," he gasped, as his daughter yawned. "Perfect."
Carol smiled even more. Her tiny family was together. They were only 200 miles away from Washington. When the winter was over in one or two months their group could take off and head to their goal to make the dead die and the living behave this world again.
Carol sighed with relief and fell sound asleep.

Title: It was a time of recommencement.
Prompt: Seven Heavenly Virtues: Prudence
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Character: Carol Peletier
Word Count: 201
Rating: K+
Warnings: Takes place between S3 and 4.

Carol was happy. The warm Spring sun finally reached the cold and dark prison and all inmates, new Woodburians and the old core of Atlanta and the farm, survived the strong winter. She had a part in this lucky success. Her prudence, economization and organization of the low aliments saved them all.
Now without the snow Daryl would have more fortune in hunting, bringing more fresh meat. Rick read many agriculture books over the winter and discussed a lot with Hershel. He would start farming on their ground soon. They already found a sow in pig close by. What a fun but work to catch the animal and bring it to the prison.
It was a time of recommencement. But also the walker thawed. They badly needed to expand their fences and defense mechanisms. Carol had a few ideas. She would offer them in the next council meeting this afternoon. She had to laugh about herself. Only two years ago she had never speak up for herself. Someone else should make the decisions. Now her opinion had a strong weight and people wanted to know her view. The world turned to worst but Carol felt never that needed. A good feeling.

Title: Free at last
Prompt: Seven Heavenly Virtues: Temperance
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Character: Carol Peletier & Daryl Dixon
Word Count: 242
Rating: M
Warnings: Will never take place, sniffle.

Carol knew she should show a little temperance, but she couldn't stop. They couldn't stop. It was just too good to stop right now. The night was so young and when the sun rose up in a few hours they could face again the harsh new world. Now was time to enjoy the closeness of two heated bodies and drown in pure lust and satisfaction.
Who had thought Daryl and her would fit so well in bed? They had a rusty start with clumsy fumbling, fear of openness and cursing during pre-ejaculating or no orgasms at all. Now they had reached a phase of moaning, groaning and begging for more. Carol was so excited for the next chapter of intimacy.
Carol felt so free in Daryl's arms and under his curious tongue and fingers. No lover before cherished her this way. She had experienced by Ed how physical strength could use wrong and on a humiliating manner. Daryl used his power and oh so well toned body to guide Carol to never known levels full of relish. But she was also more active, wanted to explore every detail of her partner.
Carol could see Daryl's blue eyes in the dim light of the jittering candle. The dirty smile on his lips told her he also was up for round three. His hand already sneaked between her sweaty tights.
"Sleep is for losers," he whispered their secret parole, and buried her under him.

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