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TV Universe: 6 x 08 - Big Bang Pt 2 - Episode Prompt Bingo

6 x 08 - Big Bang Pt 2 - Episode Prompt Bingo for the tv_universe landcomm.

The next end of the Big Phase Bang is comming soon. Here is my graphic set to
Chicago Fire - 1 x 19 A coffin that small.

Matt is upset that Kelly wants Peter in the Rescue Squad. Further tensions arise when Kelly sees Matt with Heather and assumes he is sleeping with her. Kelly agrees to have a baby with Shay, but she cannot afford the artificial insemination, which leads her to a surprising decision. The firehouse gets shot at, and Casey follows a hunch in order to find the culprits. After attending a depressing funeral, Herrmann tries to reconnect with his family. The firehouse has a touching reaction to a tragedy in the neighborhood.

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Trope in Play: Da Chief


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