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TV Universe: 6 x 11 - Movie to TV Reboot Recast

6 x 11 - Movie to TV Reboot Recast for the tv_universe landcamm.

Challenge: Lately the trend seems to be to take a TV property and turn it into a movie with a new cast. (i.e. Star Trek). What we're going to do is take a movie and turn it into a series, with a new cast. All we're doing is recasting the movie, and you will use actors/actresses that are primarily known for television. You can cast a minimum of three characters with no maximum per movie. You're not creating new characters, you are recasting the existing characters in the movie.

I am very late with this challenge and didn't spend much thinking time with it. So I used movies I recently watched in the theaters and liked very much.

Movie to TV Reboot Recast The Judge

Movie to TV Reboot Recast Guardians of the Galaxy

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