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TV Universe: 7 x 04 - Big Bang Inspirations!

7 x 04 - Big Bang Inspirations! for the tv_universe landcomm.

There was so much cool stuff we could pick from to write or make graphics. But I stuck with this one picture:

and finished the whole challenge with a big Sleepy Hollow dedication.

I really like the dynamic of Jenny and Ichabod and somehow they always end in a car.

bra-1 bra-2

seat-switch-3b seat-switch-4b

I didn't follow tutorials to make a bigger graphic in ages. It was fun to dig through big_tutorials and header_tutorial to find great stuff.

Inspired by xtainted_blackx at elicit_graphics you can find here.

Inspired by racheldinozzo you can find here.

Inspired by nlrevolution you can find here.

For this graphic I found two beautiful b&w caps at tumblr and blended them together,

This show really brought me back to writing fanfiction...jippy.

Title: Twisted Movie Night
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Characters: Abigail Mills & Ichabod Crane
Rating: T
Word Count: 600
Beta: My wonderful Suzanne.

Abbie Mills reached for the tissues box and dried her tears. The credits of the documentary rolled over the screen in her living room. She didn’t want to choke up, get sad and angry, especially in front of her partner Ichabod Crane. But she could never control her feelings when slavery came up. Pictures of it always made her cry.

Ichabod moved slightly on his side of the couch, glancing over to Abbie. He pulled his fabric handkerchief out of the pockets of his trousers to blow his nose. The pictures in the documentary had been more than awful and disturbing. He felt ashamed and guilty.

Their movie night, as Miss Mills called it, had started simple with a movie of drawn people and talking objects. They had amused themselves and had giggled a lot even when he hadn't get all the references of the movie. But Abbie had tried to explain the most of them. He also liked the Spanish snacks she had prepared. Then they had become riveted by this documentary. Ichabod had grown a slight addiction to Discovery Channel lately. He was nevertheless a historian, even when past was once his future. He had been interested to see things and analyze the culture of his time but it had turned to a ruthless portrait about the cruelness of mankind.

Ichabod was shocked and he had a lump in his throat. He couldn’t imagine Abbie’s feelings. “I will make tea,” he offered, giving Abbie time to settle down. She was the strong one of them, his rock and he knew she would prefer to do this alone.

As he got up from the cushions, Ichabod reached for Abbie’s foot and squeezed it gently.


Full of panic Ichabod ran out of the kitchen. “Leftenant!”

“Crane?” Abbie replied startled, nearly dropping the remote. She was on the hunt for a good and funny ending to their movie night. She didn’t want to end it this way, didn't want Crane sent home in this mood.

“What if….what if?” he gasped.

“What if what?”

“What if our next supernatural combatant can manipulate the time and send us back to my time, eh'hem the past?”

Abbie nodded.

“You are not safe.”

Abbie began to dawn on Crane’s chain of thoughts and her eyes grew bigger. “No one would dare to. I would fight...” Abbie spat.

“I knew you would, but but,” Ichabod answered. He couldn't risk his Leftenant be at the mercy and arbitrariness of someone, “But we need a backup, an insurance. Let us prepare some papers that you were once my property,” he choked. Just the idea made him sick. Abbie wanted to protest. She would never be someone's property. But she also saw Crane struggle just vocalizing his idea.

“And that I gave you your freedom.”

“But what if you don’t know me in this timeline?” Abbie pointed to the fact.

“I will always know you Miss Mills, in every timeline. Our fates were, are and will be connected.”

Abbie locked her eyes with Ichabod's, holding his gaze with hers. There was this unique connection she couldn't explain.

“Tomorrow we’ll get ink, a quill and good paper,” Abbie agreed with a sigh.

Ichabod nodded enthusiastically. He already made a list in his mind.

“And google for a template.”

“Hurray, the all knowing in-ta-net.” Ichabod snapped.

“It is quicker than roaming through mounts of paper in archives,” Abbie answered patiently.

“Good. But for tonight?”

“You will love Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan,” Abbie replied, and patted the free spot on the couch before she snuggled deeper under her blanket.

6 animated gifs: 60 points
4 tumblr size graphics: 60 points
500-1000 word fanfiction: 15 points

Tags: animation, artwork, fanfiction, header/banner, landcomm, sleepy hollow
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