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TV Universe: 7 x 13 - Objectification (Part Two)

7 x 13 - Objectification (Part Two) for the tv_universe landcomm.

We got a list of 50 fandome objects and should interprete 20 of them. I hadn't imagine to finish the set with stuff I already have at home.

1. Badass Scifi Weapon: Geocaching TB              37. Mulder and Scully's Flashlights
Badass Scifi WeaponMulder and Scully's Flashlights

4. Famous TV Vehicle: USS Hoover                       13. Radar's Teddy Bear: My sister's Maxi she got
                                                                               to her birth
Famous TV Vehicle Radar's Teddy Bear

15. Daryl Dixon's Crossbow:                                   17.+36. Thing holding Emerald of the Eclipse
it was hard to pick from the four Daryl's I own.
Daryl Dixon's Crossbow Thing holding Emerald of the Eclipse

20. Exercise Wheel: there is currently no              21. Ezra's Deck of Cards
hamster I could steal it.
Exercise Wheel Ezra's Deck of Cards

30. Henry's Storybook: close Grimm's                   38. Neal Caffrey's Fedora: the most explicide
Kinder- und Hausmärchen                                    selfy you will ever see from me online ;o)
Henry's StorybookNeal Caffrey's Fedora

39. Nick Fury's Eyepatch: Maxi helped me again    44. Castle's Writer Bullet proof vest
Nick Fury's Eyepatch Castle's Writer Bullet proof vest

16. Daylight Rings: my elefant ring                        49. Sonic Screwdriver
Daylight Rings Sonic Screwdriver

2. Badass Scifi Trenchcoat:           22. Flash's Red Suit:                     32. Jeannie's Bottle
My Alex Eames coat of                  My new red coat.
6 x 12 Privilege.
Badass Scifi Trenchcoat Flash's Red Suit Jeannie's Bottle

34. Linus' Blanket                          35. Money Jar:                              50. Waffles: no more
                                                      I wish it would be full.                    waffles left
Linus' Blanket Money Jar Waffles
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