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TV Universe: 7 x 17 - Learn Something!

7 x 17 - Learn Something! for the tv_universe landcomm.

Oh Oh, we should do some new technique to gain out points for the challenge. I was not sure what to do for a long time, writing a musical episode for Criminal Intent or forcing quietfireca to teach me how to make a fan video?

No, there will be (a bit) pain and I show you a drawing. I finally managed to draw my first Carol Peletier Squirrel after a beautiful tuto of lapasita. You will also see a concept study of the Sleepy Hollow Comic I made for this chalenge. But my main focus was on manipics. I would love to make characters kiss. But I'm not so good or can't find fitting photos yet. [click to enlarge all pictures]

Will this happen in season 3?
image name

Mermaid Abbie
image name

[close your eyes - don't click to enlarge]

image name

image name

Including Abbie Mermaid and Ichabod Centaur.
image name image name

picture sources:
demon, mermaid 1, mermaid 2, horse

Tags: artwork, landcomm, sleepy hollow, the walking dead
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